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Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture.

1. Outspoken Catholic feminist Teresa Tomeo hosts live web tonight — and you’re invited. Okay, maybe NOW wouldn’t consider the author of the new book Extreme Makeover  to be a feminist but you can decide for yourself who best represents the interests of women. In her book Tomeo (who also is a syndicated Catholic talk show host and motivational speaker) makes the case that what Hollywood and popular culture portrays as sexual liberation is actually harmful to women.

Tomeo is particularly outspoken on the issue of pornography (actually an area of common ground with NOW) which she argues is far from victimless. She says it not only presents women as objects but leads to sex trafficking and prostitution.

She’s also critical of last week’s decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit to toss out the $550,000 fine imposed by the FCC against CBS for that now-infamous “wardrobe malfunction” that occurred during Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl half-time show in 2004. Calling the incident “offensive to women and families,”  she says it’s ironic that the decision came down during White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week.

During tonight’s LiveStream web chat, Tomeo will talk about Extreme Makeover and will also take about 15 minutes to take questions from participants. Additionally, 15 copies of the book will be given away for free to members of the online audience.
You can RSVP here.

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