Faithful Citizenship

At the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference and Strategy Briefing on June 3-4 in Washington, DC, Catholic Advocate hosted a panel discussion, “Catholic Citizen Action in Defense of Life, Marriage, and Human Dignity.” Matt Smith, Catholic Advocate vice president, hosted […]

Newt Gingrich’s surprising comments on health care and, particularly, Medicaid are a reminder of how this issue will shape the presidential and congressional campaigns heading  towards the 2012 election. All the former Speaker had to do was express any  sympathy […]

  The resignation of Ambassador Doug Kmiec from his Malta post is being spun by the Catholic left as a tribute to his Catholic convictions.  In point of fact, Kmiec was simply not doing his job, as documented by the […]

The recent story about Ambassador Doug Kmiec raises the inevitable question of the future of Obama’s Catholic supporters.  For example, when Kmiec returns from his post on the island nation of Malta will he retain the “pro-life” label he wore […]

The emotionally-charged disputes over labor negotiations in states like Wisconsin and Ohio have led some Catholics on the political left to claim that the GOP will lose Catholic votes as a result.  It’s true that the history of the labor […]