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The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the ObamaCare case at the end of March. With arguments still two months away, speculation is already growing on what the court will do.

There’s an interesting story in The Hill that suggests that backers of ObamaCare “have lost the high level of confidence they once displayed” that the high court would reject court challenges to the health care law, specifically the individual mandate.

The Hill writes: “Many liberals and some Democratic leaders initially waved off lawsuits challenging the law’s individual mandate, saying the suits were ‘frivolous’ political stunts. But that tone has shifted significantly since the Supreme Court devoted nearly six hours to arguments in the case – a modern record.”

Taking the “pulse” of ObamaCare backers or opponents, for that matter, may provide interesting reading, but really amounts to nothing more than speculation – an attempt to read the “tea leaves” on how the Justices will decide this issue.

What we do know is this: There’s tremendous opposition to the government-run, pro-abortion health care law, with 28 states on record as urging that the law be declared unconstitutional.

As you know, we are at the forefront of this battle ourselves – with our own federal lawsuit – and a massive push to urge the high court to reject this flawed measure. In fact, we represent nearly 120 members of Congress (that’s about 30% of the total membership in the U.S. House) in an amicus brief to be filed in just three weeks at the high court – a significant friend-of-the-court brief that specifically tackles the individual mandate, which violates the Constitution by forcing Americans to purchase health insurance under penalty of law.

But let’s not underestimate the other side here. Make no mistake about it: there’s strong support for ObamaCare, with the Department of Justice using all the resources of the federal government to convince the high court ObamaCare should remain intact. Many states are backing the law.

We strongly disagree with their position and believe their arguments will ultimately fail before the high court. But we must take nothing for granted. The fact is we have to make our strongest argument possible in this case.

That’s exactly why we are submitting multiple briefs to the high court, challenging this faulty law on several fronts. Our new brief, to be filed in early February, makes a very clear argument: the individual mandate violates the Commerce Clause of the Constitution and must go.

Forcing every American to buy a particular good or service is a fundamental assault on our liberty, giving Congress nearly unlimited power over our lives.

Take a stand at the Supreme Court for your children, your grandchildren, and the very direction of our nation. This fight is so critical that we are submitting multiple briefs to the Supreme Court. We need your name on our latest brief. Thousands are adding their names each day. Take a moment and sign on to our brief. Add your name here.

As I have said many times, ObamaCare represents the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade and uses our tax dollars to do it. It must be stopped. And you can make a difference. Send the Supreme Court a message. Reject ObamaCare. We want to hear from you now.

Jay Sekulow

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