Everyday Spirituality

The right to vote has evolved over the last couple centuries and we don’t want to take it for granted. Voting can seem useless, almost stupid in the midst of political promises broken and a messy society however voting is our say in society.

Setting aside the hype and temptation to cast a ballot for the best sounding name or the candidate who looks the prettiest, we can vote for honesty, wisdom, and insight. We can research what the candidates and laws represent before voting. Don’t feel overwhelmed; research what you can deal with at the moment. Some voting is better than none.

Salad topped with sunflower sprouts

Our neighbor, Adam grew sunflower sprouts and gave us some. Sunflower sprouts are packed with vitamins A, D, E, and the B complex, besides having potassium and being high in calcium and protein.

I am reminded of the Bible story of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. The men requested vegetarian meals after the chief official ordered them to eat royal food and drink wine. They got their request and after eating vegetables and drinking water, Daniel and his buddies proved that they were stronger in appearance than the men who ate the upscale diet. (Daniel 1)

All proceeds generated by the sale of 21st Century Science and Health for the last quarter in year 2012 will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

As a former foster mother, I can vouch for the effectiveness of advancing our children to become wonderful adults. Sometimes, life serves some of us a raw deal, but when we work together, our future has hope.


As a newspaper reporter, I cover stories that not only support the fact that what we physically see and hear is a subjective state of human mind, but also that people utilize this rule to free themselves of that which hinders increased wisdom, happiness, and strength.

One story was about an older gentleman who staged a one-man play depicting his life. He had little memory of his older sister, who was severely disabled and placed in a “warehouse” when she was eight-years old because at the time, in the 1950’s, that is what was done. The man never took the time to get to know his sister but he did attend her funeral forty years later and was dumbfounded to find a large crowd at the memorial service. He was poignantly astonished by the tears and comments coming from all those who grew to know and love his sister. When asked if he would like to say anything at the services end, he braved up and, with tears of sadness for missing out on what all those people did not miss out on–knowing his sister, he then thanked them for being her family.

In divine Science, the fact that beauty, or deformity is a subjective state of the human mind, and that the human mind can yield to a greater divine Mind that only knows beauty and intelligence, is a powerful tool we can wield to free ourselves of limiting perceptions.