Everyday Spirituality

Everyday Spirituality

Painful Thoughts Can’t Embed Themselves in our Memory

posted by Cheryl Petersen

A piece of broken glass had embedded itself in the bottom of our daughter’s foot. She didn’t notice the glass until after the skin had grown over it because it only stung when she walked going down a slope. Our daughter and I wondered what the best method would be to get the glass out. There was no way I was going to dig around in her foot with a needle to try to find and remove the undetectable glass.

She wanted me to pray. Okay, I agreed.

Both my daughter and I are fully aware that the choice to pray doesn’t rule out other methods of healing. The prayer helps reveal the best way to witness to healing.

My prayer included an affirmation that my daughter is made of spiritual qualities such as joy, strength, clarity, wisdom, and wholesomeness. If this was the only truth about her, I realized that nothing unlike those spiritual qualities could embed themselves in her being. So, if it looks like impatience or unawareness is trying to work its way into our lives, I stop and re-anaylzye.

For example, if I am expecting my daughter to perform some ritual, as if it was necessary for her spiritual growth, and she becomes impatient, I stand back and respect her view instead of think rebelliousness could weasel its way into her being. Sure, enough, the respect allows me to see rightness to both views and we both move forward together.

We didn’t talk about her foot for 2 days. I trusted her thoughts to God.

Then, I was in the other side of the house and I heard our daughter call out, “Mom, come here!”

I went and she showed me her foot. On the bottom of her foot was a dented hole, the size of a dime, no raw skin, just normal skin with a dent. We concluded there must have been more than one piece of glass and it was obviously all gone.

But, the dent surprised us. So, we nodded our head and agreed to keep expanding on God’s complete work.

After a few more days, again I hear, “Mom, come here!” The bottom of her foot was undented, smooth. The removal of the glass was completely painless and convenient. I am humbled by this embedded memory.


Listen Up!

posted by Cheryl Petersen

I was sound asleep. The bedrooms in our house were in the basement. I woke as if someone jiggled me awake with a calm urgency. It was freezing cold outside, but the expectation of leaving the warm bed and shivering did not stop me from getting up and walking out into the hallway. Our children were fine in the next room, sleeping peacefully. But, I was prompted to walk down the hallway and up the stairs and into the living room.

There in the middle of the living room was a blazing red glowing smoke stack on the woodstove. The room was filled with smoke. I immediately woke my husband who dressed warmly and climbed to the roof to remove a screen that had frozen over, blocking the tremendous heat inside the smoke stack. It took about half an hour for the red glow to diminish.

We heard the next day on the radio that the temperature had dipped to minus 40 degrees during the night. Moisture in the wood that was burning in the woodstove had risen to the top but froze as soon as it hit the outside temperature which in turn blocked the screen on top of the roof.

Although all of my physical senses seemed to be “asleep” my spiritual senses were not. Our spiritual senses are cognizant, being communicated to by God, wisdom, in alignment with safety and wellbeing.

All the sciences teach us that things are not what they seem quite often, but this doesn’t mean we walk around thinking everything is unreal. Sight, feeling, hearing, touch and so on are real, when they are conscious of that which is real, Love, intelligence, and goodness.

We can refine the spiritual senses and not feel a reluctance to follow through on what they are guiding us to do, or not do. We can trust our spiritual senses.

Multifaceted and Multidimensional Spirituality

posted by Cheryl Petersen

When I wake up in the morning, I get out of bed, go to the bathroom, change out of my pajamas into everyday clothes, pin my hair up, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, have prayer time, and go to work. But not always. Sometimes, I get up at different hours, or I pray first before getting out of bed, or I go outside and play with the kittens before I eat, or I start working in my pajamas and messy hair, because there is no routine that guarantees a grand day. But more importantly, the flexibility signifies a broad range of practices, a multifaceted multidimensional reality. Amazingly, this fact boosts spiritual growth.

Happily and peacefully enjoying the rain in upstate New York

I am fairly aware of my pitfalls and bad habits; they even annoy me. So, on my spiritual journey, I pray to rid myself of the pitfalls of impatience and restlessness. However, to focus on a few spiritual goals can result in a very narrow practice, whereas the fullness of spirituality is felt when the multifaceted multidimensional view is targeted. I may have more happiness than patience but because spiritual qualities are infinite, I also need to pray for a better practice of happiness along with the patience and peacefulness.

To perfect or pray for only a select few things diminishes the sense of healing. Our confidence in spiritual practice also lessens or becomes phony. Therefore, I’ve learned to steer away from praying for the same thing as though I am beating a dead horse until it is unrecognizable. Prayers are powerful when they are grounded on the multifaceted multidimensional reality of ongoing Love, Life, Truth.

From the book, 21st Century Science and Health, “This Mind-healing system enables the learner to demonstrate the same divine Principle that Jesus healed by… Late in the nineteenth century [Mary Baker Eddy] demonstrated the divine rules of Science. They were submitted to broad practical testing. This Science showed that Truth was still effective in healing when honestly applied under circumstances where demonstration was humanly possible. Even though centuries have passed away since Jesus practiced these rules on the hills of Judea and in the valleys of Galilee, the divine principles are still valid.”

Feeding Yourself

posted by Cheryl Petersen

After a severe accident, I was taken to the emergency room. It was hours before my husband was able to call a Christian Science Practitioner to pray for me but we felt it was a good idea because I was going in and out of consciousness. I felt healing, and three days later went home.

My consciousness strengthened. I no longer slipped into unconsciousness. I still slept a lot but at least I knew it when I wanted to sleep. So, it was time, in all honesty to pray for myself. I called the Christian Science Practitioner to release him from treating me.

However, the practitioner surprisingly asked, “Are you sure?”

I wanted to say, but didn’t, “Don’t ever doubt my ability to pray with God. I have enough self-doubt myself to deal with.”

I replied with, “Yes, I am sure. Thank you for all your prayers.”

I was a Journal listed Christian Science Practitioner myself. I resisted chronic cases or cases where the patient was headed to becoming too reliant on me. Prayer is not meant to be a pep talk or a support to someone else. To constantly pray for someone is like spoon feeding them when they should be eating on their own. Prayer is a solid acknowledgment of an unbroken link between me and God, and between my patient and God.

When a patient called to release me from giving Christian Science treatment, I encouraged their move forward. Oftentimes, the patient would be afraid, but I’d point out, “That is okay, God is more powerful than the fear. To practice a reliance on God is far better than answering to fear. Trust your spiritual treatment, give yourself a chance. Do not think you have to live up to some human standard of treatment or result. You live and move in God, Love. God has more power than self-doubt.” God doesn’t care if we spill some food while we are learning to feed our self.

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