Everyday Spirituality

Homosexuality throws society out of the rut of conformity. In the 21st century, not many people can escape dealing with homosexuality or gender change.

Heartache, courage, freedom, and perplexity surround the topic, forcing society to judge one’s self and others, not by gender, but by content of character.

Because we live in a human society, and because law is better than lawlessness, the issue of sexuality has to be dealt with. When making decisions, it helps to get outside the mores of human culture and think on a God-centered view.

I believe God is Love, Spirit, emboldening the characteristics habitually attached to the masculine and feminine.

Gender, as defined by physiology, doesn’t relate to God.

God is referred to as creator. If God is Father-Mother, embodying and manifesting the good in both masculine and feminine characteristics, then we are entitled to reflect the wholeness of God, regardless of our body shape or sexual preference.

To insist God’s children are male, or female, or androgynous, or the wrong sex, is to assume God is divided or incomplete.

God is Spirit. We manifest all the spiritual qualities of a complete God.

Let laws be made with the wisdom and insight that those laws may or will change again, and again, until completeness rules. And, we can remind ourselves that we are more complete than incomplete.

Tis the season to dry herbs…

It is best to harvest the herbs and flowers early in the morning, after the dew dries. Try to avoid harvesting during the heat of the day.

You can hang stems of herbs (e.g. thyme, oregano) upside down and let them dry naturally. If you will use them within a few months, you can leave them on the stem and peel off how many leaves you want when cooking. Or, you can peel all the leaves off and store them in a jar, in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, moisture, and heat for up to a year.

You can harvest annual herbs (basil) up until frost, however stop harvesting the perennials (lavender) in late August so as not to promote new plant growth too late in the season.

If you are harvesting flowers, they will have natural oils, so you may want to let them dry on a piece of paper. The paper will absorb some of the oils. It’s best to harvest herb flower in their bud stage, when they have their most intense oil concentration and flavor.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “God is the life or intelligence which forms and preserves the individuality, consciousness, and identity of the universe, of people, and of animals.”

yawning lounging on chair smallAs Cheryl reads the book, Animal Wise, by Virginia Morell, I can see her thinking. The book talks about researchers who are finally admitting that we animals think and feel and have soul.

It was hard for the scientists to admit that human beings weren’t the only superior thinkers on the planet, but they are succumbing to the fact that mind is fully expressed in more ways than we can imagine.

Rather than look at a physical body and try to determine if mind is there or not, how about look at divine Mind and see it expressed everywhere?

Rather than look at temporal substance, how about turn your thought to spiritual substance, and see divine Spirit manifest everywhere?

Rather than accept what the world is presenting, how about know what divine Mind is manifesting and witness to it in more places imaginable?

Rather than look for souls, how about discover divine Soul and see it expressed everywhere?




maple syrup testing croppedAt a Forest Festival in a nearby Village, a maple syrup test was set up.

Maple syrup from eleven local producers here in upstate New York, was placed in numbered bottles. A wild card bottle had Aunt Jemima syrup in it.

Testers would test syrup from each bottle and select their favorite.

Quite a few testers would select the Aunt Jemima, because it was familiar.

I was raised on the west coast, with Aunt Jemima syrup which is basically sugar with maple flavoring. Real syrup was too expensive.

I was in my twenties before I tasted real syrup and it tasted weird. But, after a few more bites of waffle, I was hooked.

From Job 34:

Hear my words, you wise men,
and give ear to me, you who know;
for the ear tests words
as the palate tastes food.
Let us choose what is right;
let us know among ourselves what is good

We taste food. We taste words. We taste church.

To keep the taste real, not just familiar, religions should be able to modify their rules to choose what is right, to choose what is fair and effective. We can combine compassion with responsibility without injuring originality and newness.