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Many of us make lists. We read in The Message, “God, who gets invited to dinner at your place? How do we get on your guest list?” Ps. 15:1 I can interpret this to mean, invite yourself! We can invite our […]

After three-years of writing and re-writing, my memoir is now published. A fast moving story of growing up in a big family, working on the farm as cheap labor, and reclaiming our native happiness. Wit and lessons learned are used […]

Inalienable rights are different from rights that come by human approval. They are from the divine. The inalienable right to liberty isn’t given to us by laws of the land. Liberty is ours. And, we can make laws that express […]

Published by The Daily Star in Oneonta, NY November is National Adoption Month By Cheryl Petersen The 40th anniversary of National Adoption Month highlights the power to adopt new ideas; to celebrate adults and children alike, who adopt new thoughts, […]

A friend brought to my attention the theory of a fixed memory. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I realized I sort of buy into this theory. A fixed memory requires unloading some information in order to add more […]

Now that the word Islam no longer terrifies me, I can stand up against Islamophobia with understanding. From, 21st Century Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, we read, “Christian Science requires us to improve our intentions. Hatred is […]

I’m not very sporty. You probably wouldn’t want me on your baseball team, unless it was to keep score or serve water. I can’t catch or throw a ball, really. Certainly not dependably. When I do catch something thrown at […]

I recently traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark, and toured the Medical Museum. The tour guide led a group of us through the history of how science has described human beings. She told us, “It was in the 20th century when science […]

Every time steam starts coming out my ears when my husband annoys me, I remind myself, there is no lack of ideas, and I simmer down. It’s not that I’ve adapted to annoyance in our 32-year marriage. It’s that I’ve […]

We have a baby in the house. It’s been a long time since our daughters were young and we had to “shhh, be quiet, the baby is sleeping.” It’s nice. The quiet. I have a neighbor who spends every Monday […]