Everyday Spirituality

Cheryl Petersen engages and advances divine Science, interpreting harmony to the universe. Cheryl's book is, "21st Century Science and Health."

Amid our nation’s terrors, we should remember that our neighbors need comfort and hope, they need useful religion. The bad news is that religion gets a bad rap in the West. The good news is that religion is on the […]

Dealing with sensitive issues such as revising church by-laws, calls this question to mind: Are you relying on God’s law, or on human laws? In other words, leaders who penned by-laws are not called into question. They did their job […]

Arguably, religion’s usefulness is exhausted at times or gets polluted. So, how can nearly 6 billion faith adherents keep religion useful? Religion News Service asked faith leaders to predict the 2018 religious landscape. Here are two responses: an increase in […]

Earth serves as a bountiful source of life, beauty, and food for us. It’s only natural we’d want to return the treatment. But human ego, greed, confusion, and fear tempt us to do that which is unnatural, and suffering is […]

Don’t give chocolate and donuts to people with weight problems. Food is a temptation and love doesn’t tempt us, but encourages us to be moderate and nourishing.

Jesus said, “know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31) Free of what? Pain, loneliness, lack? Or, freedom from responsibility toward family and society? Big difference and I believe Jesus meant freedom from pain loneliness, and […]

For Talks at Google, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin said, “The brain is very good at self-delusion, that’s one thing it’s very good at.” (minute 6:30) Levitin addressed the delusion of multitasking. It’s a myth, he said. The brain can’t multitask because […]

More than one million selfies are taken per day? Blah. Sounds like a self-obsessed world. Or, is it self-awareness? Can selfies lead to self-awaking? Can it lead to an awareness of God? Experts and researchers are trying to answer those […]

Experts say, surprises are good for us. How can this be? Research shows that surprises work on the brain’s dopamine system and allows us to focus our attention better. Data claims that surprises inspire us to look at our situations […]

Read “Giving Voice to Quiet,” from The Daily Star newspaper, Oneonta, NY Store-bought frozen chicken-nuggets and tater-tots. That was our Thanksgiving dinner, year 2000. Carrying the bagged meal, my husband, our two daughters, and I mucked our way through deep […]