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PEACE By Chris Rosenthal of Harmony Hill Retreat in upstate New York My occasional visitor My intermittent friend How may I beckon you to move in?  Listen, You say, To your Inner Soul And allow your true Self To unfold.  […]

Most of us like a little adventure. I consider my spiritual journey an adventure. The thing about adventures are that they come with risks and unknowns. It’s curiosity that cheers us through an adventure. But that curiosity can turn to […]

The owner of Sher-Brook Dairy told me that it is the “little moments” that keep him going. He milks 32 cows, twice a day, seven days a week. The milk is certified organic. Farming is done organically and all cow […]

First printed in The Daily Star, Oneonta, New York. Death and dying By Cheryl Petersen With the advancement of medicine is coming an advancement in how we participate in death and dying. Five local professionals, served as a panelist at […]

Habitat for Humanity International was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller. A branch of this Christian ministry has been active in our community for 23 years. Last week, there was a ribbon cutting for a home that now […]

Excerpt from new book, “from science & religion to God” Humans must improve their ideals in order to improve their models. Sick thoughts evolve sick bodies. Selfishness evolves not only carnal pains, but also the carnal pleasures that bring disappointment. […]

Electronic bionics redefine physicality. According to Hugh Herr, a guest speaker on Ted Talks. Hugh Herr climbs mountains and years ago he lost both of his legs in an accident. He was determined that his physical body wasn’t broken but […]

Magic School Bus version of Jingle Bells: Metal here, bottles there Sort them in the bins Broiler pans and soda cans Just throw them all right in Hey! Plastic jugs, margarine tubs Pretty soon you’ll know What goes into a […]

My neighbor believes human beings only have two real desires. To love and to be loved. “There is no fear in pure love,” he said. “It’s unconditional, but human beings are not capable of unconditional love.” He calls his ideal […]

I’m not very sporty. You probably wouldn’t want me on your baseball team, unless it was to keep score or serve water. I can’t catch or throw a ball, really. Certainly not dependably. When I do catch something thrown at […]

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