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Via As moms, even if we are able to make plenty of time for self-care, the day-to-day of our life is largely full of responsibilities. Mothers of young children spend much of their time changing diapers, feeding hungry bellies, […]

  Via Death to the Stock Photo One thing I am learning as a mom, a wife, and an employee is that self-care is non-negotiable. When I neglect the things which make me feel happy, healthy, and whole, I become […]

Yesterday afternoon, while my girls slept sweetly in their room, I sat on the couch straight up pouting. Here is where I confess: I still can’t shake that burnt out, bored, sadness which has been haunting me for a few months now. […]

  Via Death to the Stock Photo This week I read a post by a mom who feels like she is drowning in the responsibility of motherhood. As I read each word, I was nodding. It resonated. No matter how much […]

Via When you are struck or burnt out, it can seem nearly impossible to find reasons to practice gratitude daily. Perhaps you are caught up in seemingly endless responsibilities, you toddler is in a particularly hard phase, or you marriage has […]

Whether your personality thrives when you stick to routine or you resist it with everything you have (guilty!), there is always a benefit to starting your day on the right foot. Mornings set the entire tone for our day, and they […]

I have a little problem—I am in a funk. I have been for right around a month now. Mommy burnout is a thing, and I have it bad. Honestly, it is part of the reason I started this place. I […]

Hi There! Before I begin diving into regular posts at Inspiration for Modern Moms, I wanted to spend my very first post here at Beliefnet introducing myself. My name is Mary, and I am the author of this blog. I […]