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Everyday Inspiration

8 Ways to Ruin a Healthy Relationship

posted by Alex Blackwell


“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” – Henry Winkler

Relationships aren’t easy. The good news however is that humans have been messing them up for thousands of years now. And as a result, there’s no shortage of advice on the subject.

When it comes to a relationship, it’s not always what you do but what you don’t do that counts. Here are eight examples of what not to do if you want to have a healthy relationship.

1. Expecting Perfection

Unless you’re perfect, which you’re not, expecting perfection from either your partner or your relationship is always going to end in tears.

Humans are inherently flawed. And when two of them become intimately involved, such flaws automatically enter the relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best in life. But it’s important to be realistic. And expecting perfect partners or perfect relationships is the opposite of being realistic. Continue Reading This Post »

An Inspirational Guide to Weight Loss

posted by Alex Blackwell

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“Eating crappy food isn’t a reward — it’s a punishment.” – Drew Carey

You don’t need to be a doctor, fitness guru or weight loss expert to realize when it’s time to shed a few pounds. It just takes the awareness that your personal health isn’t where you want it to be. Being committed to losing weight also takes the willingness to fight the battle of the bulge while discovering what your body needs and what it doesn’t need to lose weight.

Along the way, and with the help from your doctor, you learn the foods to avoid, the exercise to embrace and the inspiration it takes to stay committed to a healthy diet. But no matter what your weight loss goals happen to be, you have to be determined – and you have to be inspired – to achieve it.

Let this guide encourage you to feel vibrant, happy and inspired to begin losing weight today so you can enjoy life again! Continue Reading This Post »

Sunday Inspiration #49

posted by Alex Blackwell

Today’s Sunday Inspiration: No matter how dark the days may seem, when you lean on faith you can make it through the darkness to find that your beautiful is still waiting.


Image Source: Heartmath.org

About Alex Blackwell
Alex Blackwell is a father, husband and writer.

Messages of Faith

posted by Alex Blackwell


“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” – Rabindranath Tagore

There are some days when the challenges seem too much. You feel alone and abandoned. Those dark days can make you want to stay in bed, with the curtains drawn as you hide from the world while lacking the energy or the fight to get up and keep going.

When life gets you down, it is time to turn to your faith. Rely on your faith to garner the strength and energy you need to get through the tough times.

Here are ten messages of faith to help sustain you and buoy your spirits. Continue Reading This Post »

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