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Not content with the destruction on our own world, we now lob explosives at other celestial bodies. What a piece of work is man. Just kidding. I think it’s marvelous we’re studying water content on the moon, and I’m excited […]

Yep. This is my high school…and my marching band (any fellow former band nerds out there?) I have to say, I loved going to high school in little ol’ Sedalia, Missouri. Sure it’s a small town, but small towns are […]

As human beings, it’s in our natures to dream big. And as a species, we’ve done some astonishing things. Today, for instance, marks the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing and moon walk–a mission we achieved, in part, to […]

No dilemmas today, just a shout-out to the second annual World Science Festival, being held this weekend here in New York. My hubby is SO excited. He loves anything connected to the world of ideas. And as a former philosophy […]