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What-If Wednesday: How Far Out Of Your Way Would You Go To Do A Good Deed?

posted by hfields

We’re rolling out another new feature here at Everyday Ethics… “What-If Wednesdays.” You know the game; you’ve probably played it with your friends a time or two, asking questions like, “What if you had to choose — Brad Pitt or George […]

High Class Problems

posted by hfields

Ever heard the phrase, “High Class Problems”? As I understand it, it refers to those who bitch and moan about their woes, when they really have it pretty good. In other words, if you look in the dictionary, you’ll find […]

Morality: Does It Come From the Heart or the Head?

posted by hfields

I came across an interesting argument today by way of a friend, who sent me a link to an article in Fast Company magazine. I thought I’d share it because it asks an important question: are we ethical for logical […]

Do We Tip To BE Generous, Or To SEEM Generous?

posted by hfields

And does the intent matter? I’m settling in to do some writing at my local coffee joint, getting all prepared to talk…you know…ethics ‘n’ stuff. I make sure I buy enough (a black & white cookie and a large decaf latte) […]

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Coding Ethics...
Internet activist and New York Times bestselling author of The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You, Eli Pariser is concerned that information gatekeepers of the past (i.e. editors/reporters) have been replaced by algorithms that individually tailor information based upon a host of v

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Can Ethical Companies Do Business With Unethical Leaders?
Coca-cola has been accused of "propping up a notorious Swaziland dictator" whose human rights abuses and bilking of the national wealth has long been criticized by human rights activists. According to Guardian UK reporter David Smith**, Swaziland's King Mswati III is Africa's last absolute monarch w

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New Years Resolutions: Are We Lying to Ourselves?
I know it's become popular, but I've become suspect of using traditional goal-setting strategies and business process techniques to change personal habits and pursue a meaningful life. While I can admit that there's something invigorating--even exciting--about casting a new vision, writing that list

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Is Craigslist Who We Really Are?
Raise your hand if you're familiar with Craigslist.org.  Chances are, there's one that serves your community.  And it's extremely handy for job listings, housing, dating, selling your old crap or buying new old crap.Really, it's ingenious. But why's it also so darn discouraging?  

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