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Sure, I joined Facebook groups. I wrote passionately in support of it. But I’m wondering if, had I gotten more involved – joining protests, writing to my crappy, unsupportive state senators – I might have had some, perhaps miniscule, more influence on the outcome.

I cannot imagine another ethical position to take other than supporting our fellow citizens’ right to marry. To criminalize love, to deny a portion of our society equal rights under the law, simply because of your fears, prejudices, or religious views, is despicable to me.

Update: Perhaps the move wasn’t such a surprise to everyone. Reuters reported on Wednesday about rumblings that the Nobel Committee was trying to return to its activist roots, and quoted Kristian Berg Harpviken, head of the International Peace Institute in […]

Today in NYC there’s a primary runoff election to decide who’ll be the next democratic candidates for city comptroller and public advocate. And, in a city of 8 million, something like a whopping 170,000 are expected to vote. As the […]

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with the media…sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it (and sometimes I love to hate how I’m a part of it). Still, one of the fundamentals of most democratic societies are the […]

Paddy and I thought we’d toss in our two cents on the whole civility debate. After all, we’d hardly be an “Everyday Ethics” blog if we didn’t have an opinion on everyday cultural behavior trends. So here goes. Hillary: The […]

It does if Terry Moran (Moron?) tweets it. So, the civility debate rages (ironically) on. And as everyone’s buzzing, the president’s now caught up in it, having remarked off the record in a CNBC interview that he thought Kanye West […]

Yelling “You lie!” at your president during an address to the joint session of congress. Just… wow. Does disrespect come any more egregious, more shameful, more heinous? If it does, I can’t imagine it. Is it because our president is […]

Whether you’re for it or against it, odds are, you feel passionately about health care reform. But how many of us have even made the attempt to dive into the 1,000-odd page health care reform bill H.R. 3200 “America’s Affordable […]

I agree wholeheartedly with Hillary’s eloquent argument (see post below) that we should remember a person for who they are, not simply who we wanted them to be. I’d also like to add another point – I see Kennedy’s life […]