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Sometimes it sure feels like we are. In an essay I wrote for’s “Your Comeback” blog, I discuss the fabled biological clock, why mine doesn’t seem to be ticking, and whether it’s ethical to bring babies into the world […]

In my family, love and money sometimes get confused, and I’m sure I’m not alone there. My folks have been known to show their affection and concern, though not exclusively, in the form of cold, hard cash.

Sexy Halloween costumes for kids are more fashionable than ever. Is this a trend parents can prevent? Should manufacturers be held accountable for marketing such costumes to tweens and even younger children?

Questions are being raised about the Heene family. Apparently, they’re known for their showmanship, publicity seeking, and have appeared on reality shows more than once. Is Balloon Boy a hoax? Was this all a publicity stunt? Falcon Heene’s CNN comments leave one questioning.

Oh, boy do I not want to blog about this. Talk about a topic where I know not whereof I speak… Anita Tedaldi, who first posted an essay about her experiences as the adoptive mother of baby “D” in the […]

I’d like to pose a question for all the parents out there — and for all those who lived through tough family situations as they were growing up.  Is it OK for parents to fight in front of their kids? […]

In the news yesterday, a video surfaced of a kid getting viciously beaten on his school bus in Bellville, Illinois. Other children watched, some cheering, others standing by, others still laughing. One or two looked like they possible wanted to step in, […]

Personal responsibility is one of the few areas of ethics I’ve followed with some dedication – well, I think I’ve followed. I don’t live my life as ethically or morally or honestly as I’d like to at times. But once […]

I just have to say, completely unrelated to ethics or dilemmas, thank you Virgin America, for in-flight internet. I love multi-tasking a 5-hour journey and work! (I’m completely serious). Now, on to more interesting things. Talk about an ethical fail […]

You can dress a schoolyard bully in a fancy dress and put them on national television, but their true nature still manages to shine through. Anne Heche reminded me of this last week when she tore apart her ex-husband Coley […]