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This comes to no surprise to those of you who have heard various versions of my emphatic utterances “I’m in no shape to have or raise a baby right now thank ye very much,” but I must say I’m fairly […]

Holly Rossi over at Fresh Living asks a question in her post, When Should You Confront a Smoker? A great question in my opinion, and it got me thinking. My dad was, quite simply, the definition of a chain-smoker. And he […]

Me? I think marijuana should be subject to the same laws as alcohol. The way I see it, they’re similarly dangerous–so regulate pot, make it aboveboard, (or, if that’s too radical, available by prescription only in every state), remove the stigma, take the drug cartels out of the equation. Oh, and also, how about making alcohol a bit harder for kids to get, while we’re at it? Or at least educating them better about its dangers?

I recently had an interesting debate about health care with my brother, a doctor in the Navy. As debates between the two of us generally go, we circled around a number of topics before ending the call. One such topic […]

Health care workers are on the front lines of the battle against H1N1 this year. So why not look at the question of whether it ought to be mandatory for them to receive swine flu vaccinations using a military metaphor?

When I first read the MSNBC headline, “Woman Implanted with Wrong Embryo to Give Birth”, I moved straight past it, thinking it sounded a bit too much like a supermarket tabloid to interest me. I’m glad I took a closer […]

Last weekend I returned from a lovely, restful weekend trip to San Francisco. As I boarded the red-eye back to New York, I found myself hoping that just this once, I would have the ideal flying neighbor–the non-existent one. What […]

Dental plans are the worst, aren’t they? Some of you may remember my worst-date story in which I also described an accident that resulted in a mouthful of broken teeth – after paying more than half those costs out-of-pocket, I […]

I’ve been hesitant to wade into any discussion of health care reform because, frankly, it feels too big for me. For a lot of Americans, I suspect. And besides, what exactly are the ethical angles to examine? Too many to […]

I came across this infertility post today. In it, the author, Melissa Ford, questioned a Dear Abby column responding to a reader on the subject of financing infertility. Ford found Dear Abby’s response to be ignorant. The reader was asking […]