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Internet activist and New York Times bestselling author of The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You, Eli Pariser is concerned that information gatekeepers of the past (i.e. editors/reporters) have been replaced by algorithms that individually tailor information based […]

Wal-Mart seems to be playing a much larger part in our blog than usual lately, but apparently that’s where all the news happens.  Actually, the incident I’m referring to in this case actually occurred three years ago, but the trial […]

If you’re a reader of Self, you may or may not have heard the outraged cries echoing in the blogosphere when the magazine published its September cover featuring an extremely fit Kelly Clarkson – or more accurately, a falsely-fit Clarkson.  […]

I’m on the fence about in-your-face public service announcements, as my prior post on sugary soda indicates. But this one, called “Save the Boobs”, which you can watch on ABC News, really takes shock ads to a new level. Jiggling breasts, […]

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with the media…sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it (and sometimes I love to hate how I’m a part of it). Still, one of the fundamentals of most democratic societies are the […]

I was reading a CNN article about the 4 young men falsely accused of rape at Hofstra University; unsurprisingly, they described the experience as ‘traumatic’. Well, yes, to say the least! Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking out […]

It does if Terry Moran (Moron?) tweets it. So, the civility debate rages (ironically) on. And as everyone’s buzzing, the president’s now caught up in it, having remarked off the record in a CNBC interview that he thought Kanye West […]

Public health announcements: they make me vastly uneasy. And none more so than the new NYC anti-soda campaign, which actually just makes me vastly queasy: Do we really need some in-your-face ad agency terrifying us with PSAs à la the text-messaging teenagers car crash video […]

Today, Everyday Ethics had its first major plug… if you can call it that. USA TODAY gave us a mention in their Religion blog, but it wasn’t exactly pretty. “This is ethics as popcorn, tasty and quickly forgotten.” Or maybe […]

The AP is reporting disgraced ex-reporter Jayson Blair – famous for plagiarizing (and in some cases, completely fabricating) the news while a New York Times reporter back in 2003 – has a new career these days: Life Coach. Blair, who was […]