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Me? I think marijuana should be subject to the same laws as alcohol. The way I see it, they’re similarly dangerous–so regulate pot, make it aboveboard, (or, if that’s too radical, available by prescription only in every state), remove the stigma, take the drug cartels out of the equation. Oh, and also, how about making alcohol a bit harder for kids to get, while we’re at it? Or at least educating them better about its dangers?

My sense of justice vs legal ethics goes a bit askew when it comes to sex offenders. On the one hand, I believe in crime and punishment as well as rehabilitation; on the other hand, I don’t know many other […]

I was reading a CNN article about the 4 young men falsely accused of rape at Hofstra University; unsurprisingly, they described the experience as ‘traumatic’. Well, yes, to say the least! Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking out […]

I just have to say, completely unrelated to ethics or dilemmas, thank you Virgin America, for in-flight internet. I love multi-tasking a 5-hour journey and work! (I’m completely serious). Now, on to more interesting things. Talk about an ethical fail […]

Yep. This is my high school…and my marching band (any fellow former band nerds out there?) I have to say, I loved going to high school in little ol’ Sedalia, Missouri. Sure it’s a small town, but small towns are […]

Last week, the Associated Press reported the story of a Pittsburgh mother who is suing her daughter’s school district under Title IX after her daughter developed an eating disorder. The disorder, she claims, came about because of bullying by boys […]

Comeuppance: a deserved rebuke or penalty. Well. I certainly got mine. I think I can safely say I’ve never intentionally been patronizing or condescending in my quest to solve my own, and others’, ethical dilemmas. However, we often forget that […]

So much for my hopes the ‘unmasking’ of the anonymous blogger in the Liskula Cohen defamation lawsuit would remain between the two parties and their lawyers.   The blogger’s name was revealed today as Rosemary Port, a 29-year-old acquaintance of Ms. Cohen’s […]

Compassion and ethics. Can they co-exist? I say yes, though certainly not in every situation. Take this one, for example: Today, Scottish authorities released Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the convicted Libyan “Lockerbie bomber” on compassionate grounds. Al-Megrahi was sentenced in 2001 […]

According to this MSNBC article, Audra Harmon, a 38-year-old mother of three, was stopped, Tasered, handcuffed, and arrested while her kids were left frightened and unattended in her minivan for something like 40 minutes.  The incident began like this, Harmon told the […]