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Raise your hand if you’re familiar with  Chances are, there’s one that serves your community.  And it’s extremely handy for job listings, housing, dating, selling your old crap or buying new old crap. Really, it’s ingenious.  But why’s it […]

“A whole website just to laugh at discount shoppers?” you scoff?  Why, yes. Apparently, so. I decided I had to run a mention of the site,, after a commenter on our own blog said: “Has anyone ever noticed this […]

So much for my hopes the ‘unmasking’ of the anonymous blogger in the Liskula Cohen defamation lawsuit would remain between the two parties and their lawyers.   The blogger’s name was revealed today as Rosemary Port, a 29-year-old acquaintance of Ms. Cohen’s […]

Liskula Cohen, a NY model whose face has graced the cover of Vogue, among other mags, didn’t appreciate being called a “skank” – and worse – by an anonymous blogger on the website “Skanks In NYC” (since defunct). So she […]

They say confession is good for the soul. We’re going to find out, starting today, our first Failure Friday! Last Monday, Hillary debuted our new feature, “Moral Mondays“, honoring those who put their words into action and act in an […]

Today the New York Post reported that looky-loos trying to get an eyeful of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, who was apparently filmed in a state of undress without her knowledge or consent through the peephole of her hotel room, went […]

I received a lot of flack for my last post. And I’m willing to admit I may just have deserved some of it. I was called out for failing to ‘do my research’ and ‘being ignorant’ when I drew a […]