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Can There Be Morals Without Religion?

posted by hfields

For myself, I see ethics as easily separable from religion. Steve argues, if I’m understanding him aright, that we are accountable ultimately to God, and that that is the only true source of our morality and moral obligations. Without a supreme being, our actions are meaningless: ‘without moral weight’. If we are accidental, we have no need to concern ourselves with ethics.
I would argue, on the contrary, that our accountability to our fellow humans quite suffices to encourage our desire to behave in ways that ensure society functions properly. But more than that, I believe it’s in our nature as humans to want to do good (as well as bad).

NASA’s LCROSS Moon Bombing Mission: A Bit Egregious?

posted by hfields

Not content with the destruction on our own world, we now lob explosives at other celestial bodies. What a piece of work is man. Just kidding. I think it’s marvelous we’re studying water content on the moon, and I’m excited […]

Judge Not… Or Not?

posted by hfields

We shouldn’t make snap decisions, right? At least, that’s the message I believe one of our commenters was trying to get across when he (or she) wrote in response to our David Letterman post, “Hero Or Creep“: Might there not […]

Getting the Last Word: Petty, But So Desperately Satisfying

posted by hfields

Today in the grocery store checkout line, a regal-looking elderly woman gave me a hard time. It burned me up so much I walked out of there fuming and practically muttering to myself, rehashing the incident and thinking, boy, when […]

Not in My Backyard–but Perhaps the Woods Behind It ?

posted by Padmini Mangunta

My sense of justice vs legal ethics goes a bit askew when it comes to sex offenders. On the one hand, I believe in crime and punishment as well as rehabilitation; on the other hand, I don’t know many other […]

Earthquake, Tsunami Strike American Samoa: Will You Reach Out A Hand To Aid Those Suffering This Faraway Disaster?

posted by hfields

It’s being reported upwardsof a hundred lives may have been lost in Samoa and American Samoa, tiny South Pacific islands far, far away from most of us (assuming you’re a continental American reading this). Closer to home, floods inGeorgia recently […]

Unsolicited Advice from a Stranger: Creep or Good Samaritan?

posted by Padmini Mangunta

A friend who tells you you’ve got spinach in your teeth is a friend for life, but then there’s the stranger in line at the grocery store who reaches over and fixes your dangling bra strap (this has happened to […]

Blog Commenting Courtesy… Do Bloggers Have a Right To Expect It?

posted by hfields

I received a lot of flack for my last post. And I’m willing to admit I may just have deserved some of it. I was called out for failing to ‘do my research’ and ‘being ignorant’ when I drew a […]

Good Neighbors: Respect Privacy, or Leap In to Lend a Hand?

posted by hfields

My neighbor has OCD–a fact I just recently learned. For the longest time I believed she simply hated me, or that she thought I was a psycho, and here’s why: she wouldn’t get on the elevator with me. We’d wait […]

When Does Bad Etiquette Become Immorality? On the Subway, of Course.

posted by hfields

I’m pleased to announce that Part II of our Underground Ethics “Subway Series” comes to you from our very first guest blogger: Beliefnet’s own Entertainment Editor, Dena Ross. I asked Dena to write a post for us because, well, Dena has […]

Underground Ethics: A Subway Series. Part I: How the Emergency Gate Shames Me

posted by hfields

Welcome to Part I of our exciting new series, Underground Ethics. As the name implies, we’ll be talking about things that take place far below the day-lit realm, things dark and ugly, seamy and salacious, perhaps unholy. Yes, that’s right. […]

Controversy Over New Hugging Trend Among Teens Leads to Hug Bans in High Schools

posted by hfields

Yep, that’s right, now affection is illegal. The New York Times today reported on the new fad for hugging among teens in an article entitled For Teenagers, Hello Means ‘How About a Hug?‘ Kids these days are embracing all over […]

Still Room for National Boundaries?

posted by Padmini Mangunta

I recently got into a somewhat heated discussion with a close friend. It wasn’t meant to be heated – I’d asked a pretty simple question, “Do you think you care more about what happens to an American vs. what happens […]

A Bernie Madoff Schadenfreude Story

posted by hfields

Schadenfreude-nounsatisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune. I once had a boss so mean I woke up in dread each morning, and lay awake every night fearfully, fantasizing about what terrors lay ahead for me the next day. She […]

The Acupuncture Appointment From Hell–And How I Weaseled Out of Another.

posted by hfields

Today I took the coward’s way out.  Two days ago, I had an appointment with an acupuncturist–someone I hadn’t been to before. I’d been suffering from migraines, and was told the treatment might be a good holistic alternative to some […]

Manners or Me First? A Tale of Ethics and the Native New Yorker

posted by hfields

By way of introduction, I’d like to share a little about myself. (I’d promise not to do it again, but I undoubtedly will.) I was raised by a family who assumed I’d always instinctively understand the difference between right and […]

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