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“I bet this is a learning incident.”  This is a quote from West Contra Costa Unified School District spokesman Marin Trujillo, in regards to the gang rape that occurred on school grounds after a homecoming dance. I actually felt chilled […]

I wish. So, I’ve been hounding my friends like crazy lately. Why? Well, lately I’ve felt fresh out of ethical dilemmas. My solution was to post a status message on Facebook and instant messenger, begging people to send any ethical […]

Last weekend I returned from a lovely, restful weekend trip to San Francisco. As I boarded the red-eye back to New York, I found myself hoping that just this once, I would have the ideal flying neighbor–the non-existent one. What […]

Thanks again are due to our Beliefnet Entertainment Editor for this one. She emailed me the other day with the following ethical dilemma. While shopping with her fiance, she saw a well-to-do woman with two preteen daughters ‘forget’ to pay […]

President Obama spoke at the NAACP last night, thanking them for the work the organization has done that broke barriers and helped get him elected. He also urged African Americans to take responsibility for their own future success, saying, “Your […]

I love a good conspiracy theory. U.S. Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook is refusing to deploy to Afghanistan because he doesn’t acknowledge President Obama as the rightful president of the United States. Cook is being represented by Orly Taitz, who […]

A Boston orphanage may shut down due to lack of funding, and officials estimate 20% of the children will not be placed in new homes and could be euthanized. Shocking? Yep. True? Well, no. However, substitute “orphanage” for “zoo” and […]

Regrets, I’ve had a few. But perhaps none so visible as those of Belgian teenager Kimberley Vlaminck, who claimed last week to have ‘fallen asleep’ in the tattooist’s chair and woken up with 56 stars tattooed across her face when […]

And here we see the financial implications of ethics — Sarah Palin says that she is more than $500,000 in debt due to “frivolous” ethics complaints brought against her by her fellow Alaskans. No doubt some of these charges are […]

My neighbor has OCD–a fact I just recently learned. For the longest time I believed she simply hated me, or that she thought I was a psycho, and here’s why: she wouldn’t get on the elevator with me. We’d wait […]