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I was out of town for a couple of days, and apparently while I was away, Iran went (more) insane, and North Korea decided Hawaii might make a nice Fourth of July nuclear missile target.  Greeeaat. Maybe I should have stayed […]

Here’s my quandary.  It’s been a long day.  I’m tired and grumpy.  My husband, who usually brings the mail upstairs, is home sick so I’m the one swinging by our building’s mailboxes on the way back from work.  This in […]

Recently when crossing the street with a friend, we both almost got flattened by a car taking a right turn on red – a no-no in New York City. My friend took a stand. “In New York City there are […]

The big question that caught my eye in the news recently regards Facebook’s ethical obligations. 13 countries have made Holocaust denial a crime. Personally, no matter how abhorrent I find the blatant dismissal of the Holocaust, I can’t stand behind […]