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Is Sammy Sosa following in Michael Jackson’s footsteps? Recent photos of Sosa show the retired Cubs baseball star with dramatically lighter skin after what he calls ‘skin rejuvenation treatments’.

Apparently, 3 of our favorite GG characters both know exactly what a threesome is and will be taking part in one this Monday. Time for sweeps week, people, and making money the old-fashioned way — the promotion of promiscous teens!

Cameron Diaz’s new movie (also starring Frank Langella and James Marsden) is out today, posing the moral question, “Would you kill a stranger to keep your own family well? Watch the trailer and let us know:

According to CNN, legendary film director Roman Polanski was on his way to receive a lifetime achievement award in Switzerland when he was grabbed up by police on a warrant issued in 1978. Said the Zurich Film Festival that is now sans […]

Yeah, yeah, guys have been robbing the cradle since before there were cradles. But do we like it when they’re the culprits? Noooo. We scorn “trophy wives” (a hideous moniker for women to throw at other women, IMO) and look […]

Paddy and I thought we’d toss in our two cents on the whole civility debate. After all, we’d hardly be an “Everyday Ethics” blog if we didn’t have an opinion on everyday cultural behavior trends. So here goes. Hillary: The […]

You can dress a schoolyard bully in a fancy dress and put them on national television, but their true nature still manages to shine through. Anne Heche reminded me of this last week when she tore apart her ex-husband Coley […]

As a Native New Yorker, I pride myself on being cool when I have a celebrity sighting. But there was no being cool yesterday as I sashayed past Penny Cruz and her beau Javier Bardem on a Manhattan sidewalk. Not […]

I know at least one of my friends will roll his eyes at this brief post. I just exited a movie and one of the first comments I made concerned how ethically-challenged (yet somehow still sympathetic) the main character was. […]

“When you become a public figure you are held to a different level of scrutiny and ethics.” This was the response by Fort Myers’ councilman, Tom Babcock, when questioned about the firing of town manager Scott Janke — fired because […]