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What is gender? Apparently, as the case of South African runner Caster Semenya is proving, it’s less absolute than penis versus vagina. As controversy swirls over whether the gold-medal-winning 18-year-old is wholly female, I wondered, should it even matter? Assuming this […]

So much for my hopes the ‘unmasking’ of the anonymous blogger in the Liskula Cohen defamation lawsuit would remain between the two parties and their lawyers.   The blogger’s name was revealed today as Rosemary Port, a 29-year-old acquaintance of Ms. Cohen’s […]

I have to admit, I got quite an ethically-challenged guffaw out of Barney Frank’s comments to the woman who compared President Obama’s healthcare plans to a ‘Nazi policy’. Take a look at the video and see for yourself:   I […]

Liskula Cohen, a NY model whose face has graced the cover of Vogue, among other mags, didn’t appreciate being called a “skank” – and worse – by an anonymous blogger on the website “Skanks In NYC” (since defunct). So she […]

Never mind the stretch marks; what on earth is this woman thinking? If the UK’s Sun can be believed, a Tunisian woman is vowing to carry all twelve fetuses to term after having several heartbreaking miscarriages in the past. Honestly, […]

Time to re-visit the question of Michael Vick, now that he’s been signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. In my original post, I asked if–having paid his dues– he should be welcomed back into the NFL with open arms. The reaction […]

According to this MSNBC article, Audra Harmon, a 38-year-old mother of three, was stopped, Tasered, handcuffed, and arrested while her kids were left frightened and unattended in her minivan for something like 40 minutes.  The incident began like this, Harmon told the […]

The burqini, a full body swimsuit, may have been created to allow Muslim women the freedom to partake in the joy of cavorting in the water alongside everyone else, but in France it’s causing another flare-up in controversy over Muslim […]

I’ve been hesitant to wade into any discussion of health care reform because, frankly, it feels too big for me. For a lot of Americans, I suspect. And besides, what exactly are the ethical angles to examine? Too many to […]

Professional sports and I do not go together like peanut butter and jelly – my eyes take on a lovely shade of “glazed” when my male friends start down the road of player stats, fantasy leagues and rankings.  But Michael […]