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Is Sammy Sosa following in Michael Jackson’s footsteps? Recent photos of Sosa show the retired Cubs baseball star with dramatically lighter skin after what he calls ‘skin rejuvenation treatments’.

Case in point, Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer, which airs tomorrow on 20/20. I was one of probably millions who Googled the five-minute Good Morning America clip from this morning. Personally, I am happy that she is taking her experience and letting something positive come out of it–whether or not you or I value her role in society, she does play an important role to young women everywhere. And if Rihanna speaking about her involvement in this sad situation helps one girl get out of a similar situation, amen to that.

According to CNN, legendary film director Roman Polanski was on his way to receive a lifetime achievement award in Switzerland when he was grabbed up by police on a warrant issued in 1978. Said the Zurich Film Festival that is now sans […]

You can dress a schoolyard bully in a fancy dress and put them on national television, but their true nature still manages to shine through. Anne Heche reminded me of this last week when she tore apart her ex-husband Coley […]

So much for my hopes the ‘unmasking’ of the anonymous blogger in the Liskula Cohen defamation lawsuit would remain between the two parties and their lawyers.   The blogger’s name was revealed today as Rosemary Port, a 29-year-old acquaintance of Ms. Cohen’s […]

As a Native New Yorker, I pride myself on being cool when I have a celebrity sighting. But there was no being cool yesterday as I sashayed past Penny Cruz and her beau Javier Bardem on a Manhattan sidewalk. Not […]

Sometimes a headline says it all. Or at least enough of it to make you mildly ill. Apparently, Ryan O’Neal freely admits to having accidentally propositioned his own offspring, estranged daughter Tatum O’Neal, during Farrah Fawcett’s funeral. Yuck. So much […]

Professional sports and I do not go together like peanut butter and jelly – my eyes take on a lovely shade of “glazed” when my male friends start down the road of player stats, fantasy leagues and rankings.  But Michael […]

Today the New York Post reported that looky-loos trying to get an eyeful of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, who was apparently filmed in a state of undress without her knowledge or consent through the peephole of her hotel room, went […]

Take a look at this videotaped apology Chris Brown just came out with to address the 2009 Grammy Awards Eve beating of his girlfriend, singer Rihanna.  I’m curious… after watching it, do you think he’s sincere? And, if you think […]