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We all know what’s just around the bend: Black Friday! Even as I write out my shopping list of Thanksgiving cooking ingredients, I know that the day after, stuffed with turkey, I’ll be eyeballing the 2009 Black Friday sales. And this year, with the recession hitting so hard, there are sure to be incredible deals for those who can lift their somnolent selves off the couch (even to get to the computer and shop online) and engage in some hardcore retail therapy.

But in recent years, the frenzy for bargains has led to some ugly incidents, such as the Wal-Mart employee who was trampled to death last November.
So my “What-if Wednesday” question for you bargain-hunting shoppers is: How far would you go to get the best deals?

Have any horror stories or funny tales of Black Friday sales past? Tell us in the comments field below. 

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