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I think the Facebook group called “Against gay marriage? Then shut the f*ck up and don’t get one” says it best. Here in NY, Governor Paterson (of whom I am not, generally speaking, a fan) has put a resolution calling for a vote on a bill allowing same-sex marriage on the state’s agenda. That makes me just a little bit more likely to vote for him.

I cannot imagine another ethical position to take other than supporting our fellow citizens’ right to marry. To criminalize love, to deny a portion of our society equal rights under the law, simply because of your fears, prejudices, or religious views, is despicable to me.

I don’t see how my marriage is devalued by someone else’s. Instead, I feel it is strengthened by the knowledge that the institution is so desirable that gays and lesbians will fight tirelessly against an enormous backlash to have access to it. 
Now, I understand that many of us have religious reasons to believe there’s something inherently wrong about same-sex marriage (or even same-sex partnerships of any kind). I don’t share them. But more than that, I believe our country was founded, not solely on Christian principles, but on the principle of religious freedom. No one religion should get to dictate the actions of our entire nation’s people. No religion at all, theoretically, ought to have a say (ahem, separation of Church and State) in matters of law. 
If you’re a religious authority with a problem marrying homosexuals, fine, don’t do it, but why should society as a whole ban the practice because of your beliefs?
Why on Earth would anyone be against it? I honestly want to hear something, anything, that would make the counterargument make the slightest bit of sense to me. If you’re against gay marriage, please explain your position. I want to understand how you can look your fellow humans in the eye and tell them they are second-class citizens and unworthy of the same civil rights as yourself. 
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