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Right now, I could use to focus on what’s going right, when so much around me is about what is going wrong. My hope is that in doing so, I will remember to be the sort of person who appreciates her life and behaves in accordance with that attitude.

Sometimes it sure feels like we are. In an essay I wrote for’s “Your Comeback” blog, I discuss the fabled biological clock, why mine doesn’t seem to be ticking, and whether it’s ethical to bring babies into the world […]

Time for the holiday shopping frenzy! Unless, of course, you’re one of the crazy folk who checked shopping off their holiday to-do list back in August. (You know who you are, and I just don’t like you sometimes.) I’ve culled […]

In my family, love and money sometimes get confused, and I’m sure I’m not alone there. My folks have been known to show their affection and concern, though not exclusively, in the form of cold, hard cash.

I’ve been following’s “Killings At The Canal: The Army Tapes,” an investigation into the circumstances leading up to, and following, the premeditated murder of four Iraqis in 2007. I suppose I’ve been waiting for my lightbulb moment when I […]

We all know what’s just around the bend: Black Friday! Even as I write out my shopping list of Thanksgiving cooking ingredients, I know that the day after, stuffed with turkey, I’ll be eyeballing the 2009 Black Friday sales. And this year, with the recession hitting so hard, there are sure to be incredible deals for those who can lift their somnolent selves off the couch (even to get to the computer and shop online) and engage in some hardcore retail therapy.

Goshdarnnit, Hillary…your oblications and holiday survival tips post puts me in the position of bad angel. Nonetheless, I gladly pick up the horns and pitchfork to make my personal pitch for skipping oblications for…self-gratification vacations?  A few years ago I had […]

I’m not the kind of gal who likes a whole lot of family togetherness. I live within city blocks of my whole family, so I get plenty – some would say too much – of it with my own side of the clan. And I’ve just never been comfy being on my P’s and Q’s with other people’s relatives. The idea of spending 7 days cooped up, smiling politely and nodding as we negotiate our way through decisions both great and small (who’ll grab up the check on dinners out, where we should souvenir shop), makes me break out in a sweat, and we haven’t even hit the beach yet. From the moment the idea of this family trip came up, I experienced panic, resentment, anger, then great steaming heaps of guilt and shame.

NBC is starting its 3rd annual Green Week this Sunday to promote, you guessed it, greener lifestyles via green-themed content throughout their programming. Kudos to NBC for its efforts, but I tend to agree with this blogger on Chicago Now […]

We all have that one friend or family member who’s guilty–they say they’ll meet you for dinner at a quarter to seven, and seven-thirty rolls around before you catch a glimpse of their apologetic face. No matter how often you glance irritably at your watch as they breeze in, no matter how obviously it irks you, they simply cannot be on time.