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October 2009 Archives

I, who think on Halloween so fondly, savoring everything from its sugary overload to its creepy crawly costumyness, have today crossed a line into fuddy-duddery that I never dreamed would come to pass. That’s right. When our doorbell rang, I hid from the trick or treaters.

I’ve weighed the question of whether we should be held accountable for the failings of our friends, I’ve raked myself over the coals for my unethical shoving-morals-down-throat technique when it comes to family — now, I wonder, is it wrong […]

For those whose morbid curiosity is driving them to take a peek at Michael Jackson’s autopsy pictures, I say, if you must look, keep a moment of pity in your heart. Keep a spark of humanity in your mind. One day it will be you on the cold slab.

“I bet this is a learning incident.”  This is a quote from West Contra Costa Unified School District spokesman Marin Trujillo, in regards to the gang rape that occurred on school grounds after a homecoming dance. I actually felt chilled […]

I’ve got jury duty – pleh! I seem to get called every time I vote, renew my license, or, heck, breathe too loudly while walking past a government office. This time ’round, I even got summoned for TWO courts at roughly the same time, so I have to juggle how to serve and which one takes precedence.

Yesterday I completed my move from New York City (a move that began 3 weeks ago and paused for a moment in the Midwest) into San Francisco. I was feeling pretty great when I landed; friendly, accommodating people, easy trip, […]

First off, no, it’s not today that you have to change your clocks. This year, we “Fall Back” at 2 AM on Sunday, November 1st. Secondly, I’d like to take issue with a whole society adjusting its schedule twice a year.

I was reading Gothamist this morning and saw what was, simultaneously, the saddest and most hilarious little ‘human’ interest piece posted last night: a rat got stuck in a crack in a New York City sidewalk and a reader snapped a photo.

Grudges. Not elegant, ladylike, or particularly admirable. Pour on the Pepto, bring on the Bismol, I’ve got a burning resentment. I won’t say against whom or what. I’ll just say it’s the kind where, when you wake up at 5AM when the cat mews to tell you she’s hungry, you roll over, accidentally have a stray thought about the issue, and boom! You’re burning, hopping, fiery mad.

Like most couples, my husband and I have limited funds. Deciding how to spend them can be a source of tension, to put it delicately. Last night, my husband and I had one of our “delicate” moments. My husband wanted to take a class at the local college. I wanted to repaint the apartment. To do either one would put off any number of other projects/pleasures we’d had in mind.