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When I ran the idea for this post by Paddy, she snorted and said, “Ha, do people really?” And I mumbled something like, “Er, I’m sure some unethical crumb bums must.” (Skip work on their birthdays, that is.)

Truth is, I may have done it once. Or twice. Or mumbledy-mumble times.
I know, horrrrible work ethic, but the truth is, I’m one of those brats who really loves to make a big deal of her b-day. Or I did, before I hit the big Three-Oh. And the big Three-Five… 
So, in my younger years, I have used a personal day a time or two to make the most of my natal celebrations. And man, did I have a blast. I’d never do it if I didn’t have the days to spare, or if I knew something big was going on in the office that required my attention. But I’m a big believer in striking a balance between work and play, and treating yourself as ethically as you treat your place of employment.
So I’ll just put the question out there: 

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