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Fascinating news! I just read that PBS will air a series based on an edited version of a wildly popular Harvard philosophy class on ethics and morality. The class, called “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?” is the brainchild of Professor Michael Sandel, who has taught thousands of students over the years. Subjects like affirmative action, social justice, same-sex marriage, religion, and much, much more are frankly discussed — and the ambiguities that arise from the debates are both unnerving and wondrous. 

I’m so excited! Will you tune in? Would you like us to keep you updated on the class?
Here’s a preview: 

I haven’t figured out the PBS schedule yet (check your local listings), but each week a new episode airs on the professor’s own website, so you can watch it — and interact with other participants in a number of interesting ways — by clicking here.
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