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I agree wholeheartedly with Hillary’s eloquent argument (see post below) that we should remember a person for who they are, not simply who we wanted them to be.

I’d also like to add another point – I see Kennedy’s life (and death) as a poignant reminder of how we can each live with, and overcome, our own great ethical failings. Surely a life fully lived will result in a Mistake, the type of mistake that earns a capital M. A lapse of judgment, a hurtful misstep, a sharp knife to the back of a loved one – whatever shape it takes, this type of Mistake haunts you.

But it needn’t shape your life – Kennedy certainly had to live with his great Mistake, but he didn’t let that slow his stride, and he continued on to accomplish all the memorable things that we now are spreading the “good word” about.

So…thank you for all you did for the country and your state, Senator. And I also thank you for that one simple reminder–that living an ethical life doesn’t mean living a perfect life.

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