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Ass. U. Me. 

Mostly me.
This week I made a jerk of myself when, all impatient, I emailed a clothing company to which I had returned a couple pairs of jeans, wanting to know where my refund was.
Now, I had every right to inquire – the first couple times
I returned the items June 18th; by end of July, there’d still been no credit applied to my card, and the postal service could find no record of the company signing for my return package. I began to get nervous. The company was kind of sketchy – after all, how legit can a catalog be when everything in it, including formal wear, costs less than $40? But still, I perhaps held them in a bit too skeptical regard. 
I first emailed them after a month had passed with no refund and no acknowledgement of receipt of return. I got no reply (eek!), so I emailed them again; politely but insistently inquiring after my refund. This time I received a timely reply. There’d been a holdup, I was told, but my refund was being processed and I should have it no later than July 31.
OK (grumble, grumble). Fine.
July 31 rolls around and no rebate. Or so says my online credit card statement. To be sure, I wait another couple days, but nope, I don’t see a credit.  OMG, I panic, these people are some fly-by-night scam agency, and they’re totally ripping me off!  
Hyperventilating, I dash off another email to customer service, insisting, much louder this time, that I receive my rebate. Should I not receive it this very day, I threaten, I will have to involve the Better Business Bureau!!!
Shrill, shrill.
Then, having shown these jokers what’s what, I go online to do some banking and, in the process, just happen to check my other credit card account. And see that… oops… the credit was indeed applied to my card on July 31st as promised. It just went to a different card than I expected.
Oh, am I a schmuck.  When they politely emailed me to inform me as much, I did have the grace to apologize profusely, but I don’t think it makes up for my paranoia and wild accusations.
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