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As human beings, it’s in our natures to dream big. And as a
species, we’ve done some astonishing things. Today, for instance, marks the 40th anniversary of
the first lunar landing and moon walk–a mission we achieved, in part, to impress
and intimidate our cold-war rivals.
Now the astronauts from the Apollo missions (especially Buzz Aldrin) are publicly urging President Obama to focus on the next great
mission–putting a person on Mars. A stirring prospect, certainly. An opportunity to invest in our better selves, undoubtedly. A challenge both epic and praiseworthy, without question. But right now? With healthcare, two wars, a recession, Swine Flu and lord-knows-what-else on our plates?

Is it our moral imperative to push
forward and pioneer this almost unimaginable frontier, fulfilling our great
human destiny as explorers (and conquerers), or are we already biting off far
more than we can chew with terrestrial concerns?

What do you think? Boldly go, or just say no? (I’m all for it, but not at the expense of my medical insurance!)

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