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Take a look at this videotaped apology Chris Brown just came out with to address the 2009 Grammy Awards Eve beating of his girlfriend, singer Rihanna. 

I’m curious… after watching it, do you think he’s sincere? And, if you think he is, do you believe an apology — even a good one — can suffice to atone for beating up your beloved?
Domestic violence is no laughing matter, but something about this belated video apology just seems like a joke to me. Great that he’s taking anger management classes. Great that he’s consulting spiritual leaders and doing community service. But why do I get the feeling that, rather than a sincere acceptance of responsibility, it’s all just a PR stunt to get back in good with his fans (and avoid jail time)?
I can’t possibly know what’s really in Chris Brown’s head. I don’t pretend to understand what makes anyone whale on another person — especially someone smaller and less able to defend themselves. I just wonder, is there a good way to make up for something as heinous as hitting those you love? ‘Cause somehow, this doesn’t feel like it.
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