Everyday Ethics

Mike Judge’s newest animated sit-com, The Goode Family, which premiered last week on ABC, is all about the eponymous Goode family, do-gooders who are always trying to do the ‘right’ thing and be responsible. Their PC intentions lead to ridiculous scenarios when they come up against the religious right, big-box stores and the like. The extremes they take in pursuit of a vegan, hippy-dippy, green lifestyle are, of course, great comic fodder, but why is that?

Does trying to be good make one sanctimonious? Humorless? That annoying guy in the tie-dye shirt we all want to shun? (If you believe the creators of South Park, it sure does.) Or is there a way we can go about our own lives being kick-ass, righteous, funny, laid-back and ethically aware people?
Take a look at the clip and tell us your thoughts on leading the “Goode” life, working toward being a better person, and trying your best not to be a total d*chebag while you’re at it.
The Goode Family airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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