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It’s hard for someone like me, with no legal background, to understand the intricacies of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision about the New Haven, Conn. firefighters’ discrimination (or so-called  ‘reverse discrimination’) lawsuit.   Obviously, there’s more going on here than just […]

I just watched a “The More You Know” PSA with John Krasinski (aka Jim from The Office) spreading the message that while hate is passed on through generations, its effect can be diluted by showing respect. This in turn reminded […]

So I have this great doctor. He cured my migraines (well, made them a lot better) when no one else could. My mom, who’s suffered similar headaches for decades, swears by him. And he’s a really nice guy. He’s charming, […]

Come on… you know you’ve told one or two Michael Jackson jokes over the years. The self-proclaimed “King of Pop” has been such a startling public figure–with his bizarre plastic surgeries, his wild and wacky but undeniably trend-setting outfits, his […]

I don’t love dogs. Don’t get me wrong–I like ’em fine. I may even coo over a particularly cute one (or a homely one–somehow the homely ones touch my heart more than the handsome ones), but I don’t have a […]

How much information are you willing to disclose to snag a job? Most companies already insist on background checks, but Bozeman, MT, is asking applicants for city positions to submit their social networking usernames and passwords. Guess I won’t be […]

Regrets, I’ve had a few. But perhaps none so visible as those of Belgian teenager Kimberley Vlaminck, who claimed last week to have ‘fallen asleep’ in the tattooist’s chair and woken up with 56 stars tattooed across her face when […]

UPDATE: Interesting NY Times article asking some of the same questions as my original post about Steve Jobs’ liver transplant. Check the NY Times piece out! Because of this article, and because of the many comments I received on my own, […]

I received a lot of flack for my last post. And I’m willing to admit I may just have deserved some of it. I was called out for failing to ‘do my research’ and ‘being ignorant’ when I drew a […]

And here we see the financial implications of ethics — Sarah Palin says that she is more than $500,000 in debt due to “frivolous” ethics complaints brought against her by her fellow Alaskans. No doubt some of these charges are […]