Everyday Ethics

questionmark.jpgInstead of the normal blog post contemplating one topic, I thought I’d share a slice of my daily internal monologue. In advance, I both warn and agree with you: Yes, I will most likely question myself into an early grave.  

New York City is wonderful for meandering, one of my favorite ‘activities’.  It’s also a great place to take a little time-out inside your head – surprising considering how many people surround you at any given moment.

Today, while wandering, these were a few little thoughts to cross my mind:

–    Is it better to be a loyal but bad friend, or not be a friend at
all? Is breaking a friendship more hurtful than pretending to like and
appreciate the other person?

–    If someone does you a favor that you know you can’t return, is it okay to accept said favor?

–    When I do something I know is ‘right’, but do it grudgingly and
with irritation, does it count? Does it still make me a better person?
(My mom would say N-O)

–     Did I shove the fidgety woman on the subway platform or did she shove me? Ah, well. Sorry lady!

If anyone has answers to these musings, send them my way. In the interim, I’ll keep chugging away to find some answers…

Image by alexanderdrachmann

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