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A Seed Is A Star A Star Is A Seed – Stevie Wonder   There is only one will- the Universal Will.  In order to make anything happen on this plane, one must align one’s self with the Universal Spirit.  […]

Muhammad Ali exemplifies the heart of a champion.  Time and time again in his life he withstood seemingly insurmountable t challenges by relying upon his heart.  Ali once told a group of Harvard students not to  look for miracles from […]

Son, one’s 18th birthday is a milestone in today’s western society. It marks the beginning of your official adulthood. As you have seen already in your brief life and will see more so as you continue forward, perspective and wisdom […]

So….. On we go facing the challenge of life, It’s hard we know, watching your dreams fall through. When we laugh, when we play, oh it makes the brighter part of our day Just a smile, is all we need […]

While perusing social media this morning, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise. I was directed to an article and a concept that inspired me. It resonated with me. Marcus Strickland is a musician who recently released new music that […]

There is a debate among philosophers regarding our relationship with nature. Some believe that we imitate nature and others believe that nature imitates us. There are those who say that animals have a lower base level of consciousness and they […]

I had the good fortune to listen to the wonderful jazz song, “Nature Boy” just yesterday. The melody and the lyrics are fantastic and the chord structure is no joke either. The song was written by Eden Ahbez as an […]

The passion play that is Holy week is truly an amazing reminder of God’s love for us. Jesus reveals to us in the course of one week the vicissitudes of human experience. We are told that on Palm Sunday, he […]

Last week, we lost a great leader and musician, Maurice White. If you are a child of the late 70’s then you are probably very familiar with Earth Wind and Fire’s music. Maurice White was the founder and leader of […]

As seen in most world religions and religious treaties, spiritual concepts are often taught to us figuratively as opposed to literally. I believe one of the major differences between the Old and New Testament is that the Old Testament gave […]