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I was reminded of a book, What Did the Ancient Israelites Eat?: Diet in Biblical Times by Nathan MacDonald of the University of Scotland in St. Andrews, that talks about food, eating, and by default weight loss / weight management in times of the Hebrew Bible.  While the book came out last year, it’s interesting to think about it to this day.  Perhaps it would be useful for you.

Professor MacDonald tells us that ancient Israelites ate mostly grains, wine, olive oil and meat in the form of birds and fish.  They also ate vegetables and cheese.

Of course, what the ancients in Biblical times did not eat were processed foods, stuff with long shelf-life, and highly sweetened, high fat mixes like cakes, pastries, candy, ice cream, potato chips, in other words junk foods.

Take a look at my fellow Beliefnet columnist, Scot McKnight’s review here.

What do YOU think about eating like Jesus and His followers, and those even more ancient?  Please post a comment, and ask your friends to subscribe, please, too.

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