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Making a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, diet, exercise, save money, etc., again? I encourage you to just be sensible and moderate this year, and perhaps not go on a crash New Year’s Diet or radical new program.  Simple little changes from the inside out work best.  After all, “as you think you create,” said Decartes.

We have much to be thankful for, and also many challenges as we greet this brand new year.  Sure, times are really hard right now and there are many problems facing us as we step forward into the future.  I want to encourage you first and foremost to take good care of yourself this year because you will need all the health, energy and stamina, all the clarity of mind, simplicity and power of spirit possible.  Also, it will be mightily important to keep your faith, 100%, and let God guide you in everything you do.  

If you trust completely in God and do your best to follow His directions and be active, you will be healthy and fine.  Having a life in trust to God and enjoying the graces of energy, clarity, simplicity and power is what I call a Satisfied Life.  That’s why I write the daily column and blog by that name. My New Year’s gift to you is a 30-day course of daily ideas and suggestions for very simple changes that can give you the Dr. Norris Chumley Satisfied Life.  I encourage you to take a few minutes each morning and try some of my suggestions.  You can lose weight, can confidence, de-stress, and easily enjoy a happier, healthier life.  It’s simple and based on the truth that little changes add up.

Yes, on the precipice of this New Year I’m sure there are many big things you want to tackle and change right away.  There are surely some high priorities in your life, no doubt having to do with finances and livelihood, family, relationships, or your body.  I want to encourage you to immediately make a list of these priorities.  Write the top 3 of them down; get them out of your head and heart and onto paper.  It will only take 3 minutes so do it now.  If it takes more than that and you have to stretch to think of things, they’re probably not first priority.  Less than 3 priorities are OK, too.

Now, Day Number One’s suggestion is to take this list of your highest priorities of mind and heart and ask God for help with them.  If you feel comfortable, find a place where you can be alone: a quiet and comfortable spot that is all yours.   After a few moments of deep breaths and quiet centering, get down on your knees and bow your head, take that list in your hands and offer them to God as you see Him.  Say aloud: “God, I need help with these priorities.  I cannot do them alone.”  Repeat this several times, and come to a moment of silence on your knees with your head bowed.  Take a few more deep breaths.  Then, feel a sense of peace and calm, with God’s presence with you – here and now – at the center of your being.  Enjoy this moment of full surrender and petition.  Feel a sense of satisfaction and power, with hope that God will always be with you as you step into the future, taking action on what needs to be done according to God’s will, step-by-step, breath-by-breath.

Now, today, please remember to thank God, most gratefully, for all that you have and are.

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