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  “I realized that my dream life was as full of memories as my real life, that it was a real life, denser, richer in episodes and in details of all kinds, more precise, in fact, and that it was […]

It’s been said that coincidence is God’s (or Goddess’) way of remaining anonymous. When we experience meaningful coincidence, we often feel that a hidden hand is at work. In his famous essay on Synchronicity, Jung described the pairing or clustering […]

Here are the open secrets of the Dreamtime. These insights, shared by many dreaming traditions and indigenous peoples, challenge the ruling paradigms of a culture that confuses the real with thephysical. They free us from the delusion that dreams are by-products of brain […]

In The Varieties of Religious Experience, William James observed that “The founders of every church owed their power originally to the fact of their direct personal communion with the divine.” That “direct personal communion” has been conducted through dreams and […]

Hollywood has given us some very interesting versions of what may go on after death and how the living and the deceased interact. The recent film Hereafter, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Matt Damon, explores patterns of connection between […]

Milton demonized Death, suggesting that his other name is Satan. In our own times, we often make  a true devil out of Death, by pretending that he does not exist. (Remember Baudelaire? “The Devil’s greatest art is to make us […]

Belief in reincarnation is common to most of the world’s spiritual traditions. It was shared by some of the early Church Fathers — especially in Alexandria, where the influence of Basilides and his fellow gnostics ran strong — though it […]

I’ve long been fascinated by dream experiences of parallel lives. These can take many forms. We find ourselves in the situation of a person living in a different time. We seem to be enjoying – or not enjoying – a […]

Quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli declared that dreams were his “secret library”. He recorded dreams and shared detailed reports with Jung over the quarter century before his premature death.  Einstein, Niels Bohr, Kekule – and Newton in his own day, and […]

I recommend getting to know Death, and approaching life’s choices with the clarity that the presence of Death brings. Saint Ignatius Loyola, the warrior-father of the Jesuit order and no slouch at visualization, recommended the following means of making a […]