Dream Gates

Dream Gates

We dream the future – all the time

Dreaming, we are released from the limitations of the body and of spacetime. We fold time and travel into the future (and into the past and parallel dimensions).

I became fascinated by this subject because I have been dreaming about future events, large and small, before they happened since my early childhood in Australia. Here are a few examples:

Dream 1: I check into a hotel where they tell me the credit card I use to pay my bill will be my room key.


Follow-up: Three months later, I make last-minute arrangements to stay at a New York hotel. They explain they have a new system; the credit card I will use to pay my bill will be my room key.

Dream 2: 68 people have signed up for one of my workshops.

Follow-up: Thirteen months later, I arrive at a rural retreat to lead a workshop (not even conceived at the time of the dream) and find 68 people are signed up. The rest of my quite complex dream report gave me very helpful guidance in handling things over the weekend.

Dream 3: A silly little dog decked out in fake antlers for a Christmas event runs out on the road and is killed. He is magically revived by a bizarre character who doesn’t conform to any normal standards of behavior.


Follow-up: The next day, having missed a connection, I am seated on the “wrong” plane for the second leg of a flight to the West Coast. At the start of the in-flight movie, a silly little dog decked out in fake antlers for a Christmas photo shoot is killed on the road, and magically revived by a bizarre character: the Archangel Michael as portrayed by John Travolta.

If we can dream something as trivial as the in-flight movie on the wrong plane, or the key card system a a hotel, it seems safe to assume we dream about the big stuff ahead if time too. And indeed we do.

How common is the experience of dreaming the future? I think it goes on all the time, because our dream self is forever traveling ahead of us, scouting the roads we have not yet taken in physical life. Even the most prolific dream recaller can handle only a limited number of the “memories of the future” with which the traveling dream self returns to the body. And it may be difficult to figure out what exactly is going on in a future situation until waking events catch up with the dream.


If you have ever had the sense of déjà vu, you are already deep inside this territory. That feeling of déjà vu (“already seen”) generally comes when you enter a scene in waking life that you have already dreamed. You may have lost the dream, but you recognize a place or a person you encountered when you were dreaming.

In modern Western societies – unlike traditional dreaming cultures, like those of Aborigines, Native Americans or ancient Celts – few of us are given much encouragement or coaching to grow the skills of dreaming true. Many of us are quite unaware that we dream the future (maybe all the time) until a specific dream jolts us awake.

The first time many of us notice that we been to the future in a dream is when we are shocked by a dream of death or disaster that subsequently takes place in physical reality. A radio show host told me he was terrified, as a teenager, by a dream in which he looked down on his mother, apparently dead inside a coffin. A week later, he saw the scene tragically enacted in waking life when the family was out tobogganing in the Rocky Mountains. His mother’s sled shot off over a precipice and – when he got to the foot of the slope – the dreamer found himself looking down at her as she lay, with her back broken, inside the coffin-like box .


Dreams of this kind can seem like a curse, when we feel unable to do anything to change an unhappy outcome we have dreamed. But if we pay attention to our dreams, we’ll soon notice that our dreams of the future don’t only involve death and disaster. Our dream radar scans events large and small, happy and sad, which are coming into our field of experience.

Some indigenous peoples maintain that we dream everything that will manifest in physical life before it happens. I think this is correct.

Let’s be constantly aware that the futures we see in dreams (or through waking intuition) are possible futures, not inevitabilities. We can change the odds on the manifestation of any possible future by how we act, or fail to act, on the information. The future we can foresee may also be changed. If we don’t know where we are going, we are liable to end up where we are headed. The travels of the dream self enable us to take a long clear look down the roads of life, and make better choices.

At the Maison Carrée, the Roman temple in Nîmes. My dream self routinely visits foreign countries before I go to them – and doesn’t have to pay for a plane ticket or wait for his bags.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Don

    I often dream of the past. That was a real problem for me when I got out of the army years ago. I dreamed of the experiences of war that I had had. But that was more than 50 years ago. Most of my history dreams since that time have been happy, fortunately! I also have “wish” dreams. In some of those what I am wishing for is impossible. I also have accurate dreams of the future.
    I have had dreams that I feel certain are dreams of past lives, past incarnatons. In those dreams I can recall what I learned in those incarnations.
    In series of recent dreams I was “told” that it was impossible to dream my future. My behavior controls my future. What I dream are the choices I can make, and the probable outcome for each choice. And, of course, I have dreamed of threats that I must deal with. I posted one dream about a yellow car that didn’t stop at a stop sign. I stopped, and that probably saved my life. That was clearly a dream of a future threat.
    I am grateful when I can dream of the future, choices I must make, and so on.
    Thank you for posting your article.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Irene

    Thanks for your comment, Don. I too often dream of the past and at one point in my life got quite fed up of the recurring themes of past and often unpleasant scenes that I certainly didn’t want to think about and even less, revisit. This, until I realized that my dreams of past can for example, contain information that is needed for my present situation, which could certainly have an impact on my future situation. To give you an example, last night I dreamed that I was back in a very real past environment and I was packing my bags for a trip. When I arrived at the bus stop to board the Greyhound to take me to my new destination, I realized that I had forgotton my suitcase as well as the bus ticket that I had put inside of it. I woke up feeling excited because my dream intention last night was to have guidance on my current job situation and I knew that this dream of a real-event past (in which I did not forget my suitcase and just took the bus), held the clue I needed. So today, I will re-enter my dream and get the answer to my question “What’s written on the bus ticket I forgot?”

    In the reality of my teenage past, accurately reflected in the dream, I was in fact running away from home. Now I know that in doing that I forgot something very important that I now need.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment donnatheiguana

    I posted on another article that I have been dreaming about a new home in a brownstone building, with a consistent cast of wonderful characters who will be my new friends when I get there. One man, in particular, is a benevolent presence who reassures me that I will know him when I see him and all will be well in this new circumstance. In fact, they visited me again last night — or, rather, I visited them! I am sure that when I find this new opportunity in my waking reality, it will feel familiar as my own name, comfortable as an old shoe — deja vu!

    Just as dreams allow us to be transported beyond our physical space and time, I think that feeling of deja vu comes from moments when our own mind sees beyond current limitation and remembers that open space that is the true reality. Of great (sometimes tragic) geniuses, we sometimes say they were “out of their mind.” Exactly! Their minds were freed beyond the mental boundaries within which we function most of the time. What does it take to go there and really believe the lessons? Faith? Intuition? Hope? Perhaps simple flexibility? I’m sure it’s a combination of many things. These days I am hoping to own this new reality coming to me, invited and encouraged by my Brownstone Friends.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Patricia

    Dear Robert,
    The whole reason I decided I was a dreamer was because I started noticing some dreams I was having were coming true.
    One theme of dreaming that stays constant with me is children. I have had dreams in the past and then one last night around working in schools and/or orphanages with children. I wonder if I think orphanages because I am with a group in times after disasters?
    Last night I dreamed I was with a group in a large rather ancient looking, beautiful building sectioned off for different ages of children and different needs. I was pregnant so they gave me this shot in my belly button that they only give those who go to a section of the building that has some kind of hazard in it’s environment. I look down and a star burst pattern of a slightly darker brown has formed around my belly button.

    I just sent an email to an organization to see if they may be able to help me write a grant. I am understanding how stories and dreams affect us physiologically and I hope to make it to one of your teacher courses one day.


  • http://wesetupworkmenshipinnewconstructionsite MR JIM JOYNER JR ( 2 )

    With in my state the time go back work

  • Glen

    I dream actual events as well.
    I once had a type of moment where time stood still (like it froze). I was playing hockey and just before I received the ball I saw me go around a player draw the goalkeeper and score.
    It was like a tv screen appeared above my head. The hardest thing to understand is that for me to see this precise identical event happen in the 5 seconds or so it took to show me that time had completely stood still.
    I also dream snippets of the future. In the dreams(that I don’t recall until the actual event takes place) I can then actually recall in the dream recalling the dream. If that makes sense.
    The hardest thing for me to fathom is that is this dream a memory or a prediction? Have I somehow lived these events before? I struggle to accept that they can be my brain making actual bold predictions of the future.
    It brings me to the thought that every single living moment I occur has somehow happened before. And if that is the case that every thing in the world is connected. Every cloud,every person,every breeze or if it rains or its sunny. Whatever the case I have somehow lived this life before. There is no changing these moments because I strongly believe they are recollections.
    I find it so confusing. What do u think?

    • Kathryn Howk

      I have some of the same things happen to me! I dream something about the future, and then can’t remember it until the event takes place. I can even tell my thoughts in the dream, and sometimes I see things as if I am watching myself act them out.
      Once (in my dream) I was reading something from the book “The Grimm Conclusion” and I could tell what the words I was reading were. Then suddenly I remembered that I had experienced this before, (in the dream still) then everything shifted, and I was laying under my bed listening to myself, who was laying on top of my bed, talk about remembering the dream I was having right now.
      I (the one on top of my bed) jumped off of my bed, then paused, and looked straight into my face. She (or me rather) then knelt next to me, and started feeling around to see if I was there. I shifted a little every time her (my) hand got close so that I didn’t get touched. I (or she) then ran out of gave up, and ran off out my door to go and tell my mom and her friend who was in the house at the time about my dream. I don’t know how I knew in the dream that I was going to do that.
      About a year and a half later, I experienced things from the other side of the dream. Sorry if this was a bit long, but I had to tell someone about it.

      • Glen

        hi kathryn,
        Its kind of cool and creepy all at the same time.Do u believe they are memories or predictions? I find the term ‘deja vu’ almost flippant and insulting.I also find it strange to hear that some ‘experts’ claim all sorts of things about what we experience.For me,there is definitely no altering of actions and im not given the ability to change what im recollecting.
        Thats why i believe its somehow a memory of actual events in my life that i have encountered before. It just somehow seems more plausible than me being able to predict the future.I seemed to have a lot of sport ‘memories’ over the years but one that stuck out in particular was when i was driving my old Rover car years ago and i broke the plastic accelerator linkage and came to a stop on the side of the road.My instant reaction was of panic then i suddenly remembered a dream from a few weeks earlier. In the dream all i remembered was finding some rope in the dirt.A sudden calm took over. I casually walked to the other side of the car,looked down in the dirt,and spotted a small piece of rope pretruding from the ground by about 1 inch.I bent down,pulled up and ofcourse about 1.5 m of rope followed.i was able to rig up a device to get me home. If it didnt happened to me it would be hard to believe but HEY!!

        • Kathryn Howk

          I don’t really understand what you mean about ‘memories’ but I can’t really say myself what they are. I think the’re closer to predictions than anything else though.
          I can’t change what I do either. I just…can’t, I mean I’m incapable of changing anything. I went to Paris one time (yes I’ve been to Paris) and was looking for stuff to bring home, when I remembered a dream about talking to (member of my family) and showing them a necklace with a replica of the Eiffel Tower on it. I spent the rest of the day trying to find that necklace, because I couldn’t leave without it.
          I really don’t understand, I’m sorry. I don’t know what to think of all this. I honestly am still just a student (younger than 22) and I have had hundreds of dreams like this since I was little. ‘Experts’ say that people can’t ‘really’ remember things until the’re 3, but I can remember stuff since I was 4 months old, and have had people telling me my entire life that I didn’t remember those things at all. Please tell me that you honestly, truly believe me. I feel really, really lost and trapped, and alone, because no one on the entire Earth believes me.

          • Glen

            Hi Kathryn,
            This is a crazy world we live in.We live in a world full of sceptics and judge mental non-believers.Like I said previously-if it hadn’t happened to me it would be hard to believe it.If you know what you’ve seen,what u recall and what you remember,thats all the matters.The brain is an amazing tool that we (as humans) know very little about.I dont believe anyone should have the right to tell u what u have or havent experienced.Quite frankly,I wish i could recall my early childhood like u can. What u have is a wonderful gift that has been blessed to u for whatever reason.I truly believe in everything u have said.DDont feel alone,feel unique and try and harness what u have.Feel secure knowing that if u have these similar dreams and recollections that I do,that we are on the right path.We dont get the chance to change whats going to happen because,if your like me,by the time i see my memories(or predictions) ,,there is no changing them because thats exactly whay they are.If i were u i wouldnt go looking to make the pieces fit,like in France,just let them happen.If they are meant to be,they will simply occur on their own.Be true to yourself,thats the one person you can trust.Unfortunately,the gift we have been entrusted with has no answers,just more questions as our journeys continue.Embrace what u have,its almost magical.
            Get your hands on a copy of ‘ The Celestine Prophecy’.It might help you on your way. G

          • Uriah Xavier Eisenhower

            i do understand how you feel Kathryn. that is kinda how i ended up on this page i was looking for others like me. & i feel better knowing that this is a strange anomaly other experience & I’m not just crazy. i think.

    • Uriah Xavier Eisenhower

      i use deja vu for a lack of a better word.
      i know exactly how you feel. since i was a small child (around the age of 4) i have had dreams that most people never have. they are all most all ways vivid with one thing completely out of wack, like the ceiling is a foot shorter then me. i have been able to “feel” the difference between what i call dreams, visions, & prophesies. a dream is a dream nothing more it has no connection to any events,past or future, out side my mind. it tends to be dreams about my inner self. like a spiritual journey of self enlightenment. next is prophesies. thees dreams are about the future but are symbolic, for example i might have a dream of an elephant & a donkey fighting one another around election time. lets say the elephant wins the fight by sitting on the donkey. that means that the next president will be republican. then their are the visions. i have visions more now that i have become aware that my dreams tell of the future. visions are dreams of actual things that will come to pass exactly the same way they happened in the dream. i was around 4 or 5 when i lived in Pennsylvania for a short time & then moved back to new mexico. when i 1st walked into are new home (witch would have been the 1st time this cycle [ill explain what i mean by “cycle” in a sec.] ) i said “oh so we moved back into this place.” my mom & my brother looked at me & told me that i was mistaken & we had never been their before. i then said “oh then it was just a dream i had.” the house looked exactly like it did in the dream as it did in real life, down to every last detail except the dream didn’t have a fridge in the kitchen (the fridge would have been that one thing that is out of wack). i then began talking about my little sister (at the time i was the youngest of my siblings.) my brother told me i didn’t have a little sister so i corrected my self & said brother,& again i was corrected, this time by my mother. about 2 years later my mom met a man & they mated. thus my little sister was created & shortly after we moved again to accommodate for another child in the family. visions are interesting cause i have trained my brain to remember them as best i can. at 1st i could only recall what happened in the dream as it was happening in my waking life, but over time i was able to recall the dreams seconds before they happened once i became aware that i all ready dreamed about them. then i got to the point where i could recall dreams moments before they happened then days. but i can never remember them at will. one thing that is strange to me about my visions is that i will dream about a moment in witch i meat some one (a girl named Beth) & i meat them through a close friend (Anthony) of mine & ill meat my close friends other friend for the second time (Kyle). i will have the dream long before i ever meat any of them. i will be able to remember their faces to every last detail until i meat them in my waking life. then the moment will/has come/came to pass where i am hanging out with Anthony & we meat up with Kyle. then later on we meat Beth & the moment i meat/met Beth i remembered the dream of meting them & every one was acting the same, made the same body movements, was located in the same spot, & we where all out side the same bar that was in the dream( a bar we never went to) in the dream i was left with the choice of where we go next, so i walked around the front end of the bar into the parking lot so we could go to Anthony’s house & a cop was sitting there & he harassed us & not every one was “clean” so they got arrested. when the time came to pass i remembered the dream as soon as i met Beth so then the same questions came up “where should we go?” “where can we go.” & the only options Anthony’s or Beth’s. i chose Beth’s cause that would mean we had to walk around the back of the bar where the cop was not, & no one got arrested that night. what is interesting about the dream is that not only could i remember their faces before i ever met them i could not stop them from making the same decisions they will always make no mater what i say they will all ways do the same things. for example if Anthony wanted to go to his house i could never stop him no mater how hard i try. so even if i had a vision of my friend being shot i could never save him. now on to “the Cycle” as i call it. its simple really the universe was created by a big bang, that big bang was this universe imploding on itself. are universe is all ways expanding & eventually it will implode on its self creating a new universe that universe will become this universe. what is, has all ways been & all ways will be. the universe is a cycle & that is why things like deja vu happen it is cause your life events are ingrained into the mind of your soul ( a form of reincarnation.) if some thing happens over & over again with the same exact factors the out come will all ways be the same. now i know i am 18 years old, but do you ever feel older then what you are? its cause you are. i am not 18 my body…THIS body is 18 years old but my soul is eternal there for is not effected by time. the reason we have deja vu instead of memories is because are minds are what connect are body & soul but are minds are physical so they do not have the imprint of the memories. think of it like this your brain is your physical mind & all the electrical impulses that make you function as a life forum is your soul. i have a hunch that it is like this so that when people reach “enlightenment” or “release them selves from their bodies to become their eternal soul to travel among the cosmos.” (cosmos being what ever lies out side space time) their soul is missing the next cycle. so basically you wont remember any one that you have all ready met cause they might have reached “enlightenment” so you will not miss them.oh & you might ask “well what happens when you die but don’t reach ‘enlightenment’?” simple but quire, you become a cloud. your brain is replaced by clouds & your soul becomes lightning. that is why people have all ways imagined going up to the clouds when they die.

  • Rachael

    I once had a dream where the computer that I was working on shut down suddenly. Several months later, sitting at the exact same computer in the exact same room, including the same surrounding area (which changes almost daily), I was reminded of the dream. This sense of remembering greatly increased until I decided to save my work to my flash drive, just in case. A few minutes later, with the feeling still very oppressive, the electricity went out in the entire building, causing all computers to crash and the lights to turn off, just like in my dream. Has anyone else had a “flashback of the future” and are able to change it for the better?

  • Littleandy

    About 4 months ago i had a decent sized tv, that for a while seemed to be fine until one day it just gave up. After that i had that tv sitting in the storage in the basement for a while, until i got a dream that the tv that broke was fixed, and when it turned on it had a red tint to it when it first turned on and eventually faded. Also my friend was criss crossed on the floor helping me out with the tv, and my sister was next to the door.
    So after this dream i told my sister about this dream i had last night, but she just told me that it might have just been a dream.
    So i brushed the idea of my tv working again for a while and i happened to find what my tv had problems with. It was the projector inside the tv (its a pretty old tv, like 8 years old, so it needed this projector for it to work) so i bought the projector.
    So a couple days later i got the projector and guess who was at my house at the time my sister and my friend. So then we all went down stairs and grabbed my tv and placed it on my desk.
    I then wispered to my sister telling her “Watch Izzy, Daniel is going too sit down criss crossed and try to fix te tv.” Once i say that he walks in and puts in the projector and sits down criss crossed in front of the tv. And my sister in amazement was saying wow you guessed right. So then i told her that the tv will turn on and will have a red tint to it when it turns on. And low and behold it turned into a red tint. So my sister now believed me after this.
    Sorry for my english, im not the best at it :/

  • Bridgett

    I have them every night of people i know and people i don’t know, or events or technology or government plz someone I want to help the world

  • Siryepatrice Corbin

    Wow it feels good to know other people experience what I’ve been going thru my whole life. I didn’t know if it was a curse or a gift. But any boyfriend I had whom attempted to cheat on me I was able to find out details of the other person …where they lived…and when….. thru my dreams… a few of my exs got caught..A lot of my dreams where warning dreams like once I told my mother not to let her cat out the house because of a dream I had about the cat getting hit by a car. She was not happy about the warning ….she felt i was bringing death to her because i spoke it…. she felt this gift was a curse. Needless to say the cat got out the house that night and got hit by a car…When other warning dreams followed I stop telling my mother. I dreamed of my mom breaking her arm two weeks later she called me and told me she broke her arm because a fall. I even dreamed of 9/11 two weeks before it happened the only person I told was my husband. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I got that phone call from my husband at work telling me o turn on the news your dream came true. I often ask myself what could I have done to stop that from happening. I just don’t know. I’ve just started to embrace my gift…am not ashamed of it anymore.

  • Darren

    can we change our dreams if they are bad for the future Robert ?

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