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We want to be more literalist about dreams and more symbolist about waking life. Dreams often show us events that are manifesting, or will manifest in the future, in the external world. Big dreams may be experiences of another reality […]

Here’s a plan for growing a dream family. Get a few friends together and practice the Lightning Dreamwork technique, the fun and fast method for everyday dream-sharing you’ll find explained in detail in my new book Active Dreaming and in […]

To live as wide-awake dreamers, concious of the deeper logic of events, we want to notice what rhymes in a day. Here are some examples from my travels to Chicago on Thursday. When I arrived at my home airport, I […]

We can dream for others. Sometimes this means catching an advisory that can be helpful for another person if we can find the right way to pass it along, something that may require tact and subtlety. We don’t want to […]

I am in favor of circumambulation. This is quite different from going around in circles in the sense of mindless or frustrating repetition. It’s a matter of looking at a central issue or symbol from many different angles. It’s circling […]

Sometimes all we need from our dreams is one simple image, bringing clarity and direction. In the midst of my recent Soul Recovery training in France, I set the intention of dreaming on behalf of the group.  In the middle […]

Way of the Dreamer Radio Show My next radio show is LIVE on Tuesday, March 8.  Listen and call in at 9am-10am Pacific Time (Noon-1pm Eastern Time). Please call in with dreams and questions to share.  We’ll play the Lightning Dreamwork […]

“I don’t know what I’m doing here,” Eva declared early in my recent Soul Recovery workshop in France. “I’m not a dreamer. I haven’t remembered any dreams since I was seven years old.” I suggested, gently, that this situation was […]

Travelers are preparing for the journey into the desert, beyond the maps, beyond the cities and the last outposts of consciousness. There are many roads that lead away from absolute knowledge, only a few that will bring the traveler to […]

Dreams prompt us to expand our vocabulary, setting us learning tasks ranging from the language of quantum physics to the identification of different types of hermit crab. Even if we decide not to take more than a few steps in […]