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It’s never been said better than in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do […]

Don’t let anyone tell you what your dreams mean. And never do that to anyone else. This is the golden rule of dream-sharing.  One of the great contributions of the American dreamwork movement has been to insist that dreams belong […]

I’ve been writing a lot about women and horses recently, for example in my recent essay here on Dream Horses. I received a beautiful account of a horse dream that carried a woman through the pain of a bruising divorce. […]

The great ancient dream interpreter, Artemidorus, insisted that the meaning of a dream symbol is connected to the life situation, and especially the occupation, of the dreamer. Losing a tooth or having sex in a certain position means something different […]

A huge, woolly bear in fierce warrior guise is storming through many scenes of battle. Her footfalls make thunder in the earth. Soldiers of an ancient army crumple before her, as if a mountain has fallen on them. I have […]

What is it that nourishes the soul? This is a marvelous question to ask any day, and in relation to any life choice. I have put the question to quite a few people. Here are some responses: Puppy breath swing dancing like my […]

I have been privileged to lead Active Dreaming workshops in Lithuania three times. Each visit has been a grand adventure, a deepening encounter with the spirits of the land, and a lesson in how we can use the arts of […]

I come not to bury blocks, but to praise them. I am talking about the speed bumps we encounter on the roads of life. Sometimes they look like solid brick walls, or mountains set in our way. Sometimes we feel […]

When we open the dream door for others, it can lead to a true communion of spirits. To play dream guide for another person, we need to know how to create a safe space where someone new to dream sharing […]

One of the many forms of healing that becomes available to us through dreams is the healing of our relations with our ancestors. Sometimes this reaches far back through the bloodlines. Let me share the story of Aine, a woman […]