Dream Gates

Dream Gates

The key ring solution to honoring dreams

key ring amulet.jpgWhat’s on your key ring? Keys to house and car you use every day, and maybe a few whose exact use you’ve forgotten. A quick-scan card for the supermarket checkout, maybe one from your insurance company. Maybe a lucky charm or a souvenir a friend sent you from her vacation in Alaska. A miniature Eiffel tower, symbolic of your hopes of a spring romance in Paris.

Maybe more exotic or magical items .A hamsa hand to avert the evil eye that a gypsy persuaded you to buy in a street market…A  little Ganesh, who you hope will help you open the doors and the roads of life…A St Christopher medal, invoking a patron of travelers acknowledged by the church…A heart less fragile than the one in your chest…
A key ring is a great place to carry a personal amulet, something that connects you to an energy, a love, an intention. I carry a little silver stag, forged by a craftsman I know on a mountain where the Deer energy is strong and has brought through extraordinary healing. At its heart is a red garnet, from the garnet heart of that same mountain.
Here’s a thought. A key ring is a great place to carry a dream amulet, something that holds the energy of a powerful dream or vision. We want to do something with our dreams, or we do not dream well. In many cultures, objects are fashioned or found to embody the energy of a big dream, and of the powers that work through that kind of dream. I’m in favor of this practice. I’m also in favor of improvisation, of coming up with fresh ways to honor and celebrate the ever-expanding repertoire of our dream lives.
In every Active Dreaming circle that I lead or inspire, the last step is to ask a person who has shared a dream and received feedback from the group to come up with a one-liner that captures the dream message, and an action plan. We ask: what action will you take to honor the dream?
In the past week, two dreamers I know have come up with the same Key Ring Solution, independently. They have written their one-liners on tags and attached those tags to their key rings. In one case, the line on the tag was something spoken by a wise figure inside a dream: CONFIDENCE IS KEY.The other was a familiar phrase that came into clarity in a dreamer’s mind as the central lesson from a dream she related to a difficult divorce and her need to stop being a team player for a while: IT’S ALL ABOUT ME.
Neither tag is meant to stay on the key ring forever, or even for more than a few days. New dreams will come, with new messages that also need to be honored, But as long as the dream message is on the key ring, it will be visible to the dreamer many times a day, as she opens doors. And it will remind that dreams themselves are keys to the doors of life.
  • Wanda Burch

    This weekend I participated as a presenter [dreams of course]at an arts and reintegration retreat for women who were both veterans of war and who were currently on active duty. Six of the 30 women had returned this year from our first such retreat held last year. At the 2009 retreat a woman had shared a remarkable dream involving seeing herself swirling in a room wearing a red dress. In a dream theater performance the dreamer had sat in a heap in front of a gateway, being beckoned through, but she could not go through the gate although she knew there was something important for her on the other side. She struggled through the weekend with the gateway and finally made it through in her own time and own way. The dream continued to evolve and expand for her, pushing her forward on a personal spiritual journey. She shared that journey via email with some of us who were privileged to experience it with her. The six women who returned had been so moved and blessed in their experience of her dream of the red dress, each receiving their own blessing from her dream, that they had honored her dream in ways that allowed them to carry its memory into their own lives. One had sewn a bright red bead on a red piece of fabric, and, as you described, carried it on her keychain. Another had sewn red beads onto a necklace that she wore beneath her blouse. Another created a funky “dream warrior staff” for me and wrapped a piece of red fabric around the stick to remind me of my role in opening this dream for the dreamer. I was deeply touched and honored not only by the continuing blessings in this dream to the dreamer but the blessings experienced by everyone who shared in this remarkable dream theater!

  • Robert Moss

    Wanda – Thank you for doing this wonderful work of soul healing with vets. As more vets experience the power of our Active Dreaming techniques under your gentle and compassionate guidance, I think you will find that you are in high demand, and will be invited to train trainers. I trust you are already thinking about the book you’ll write from these experiences.
    I love your examples of dream amulets and talismans create by the women vets at your healing retreats. I especially like the group amulet, connecting six women who shared in profound experiences that will help them carry and live the fabulous group energy you helped them to generate.

  • Savannah

    I like this key tag idea! My dream recall last night was fuzzy at best but oddly as I woke to find read this post I was left with two impressions clear in my mind. A key given to me by a restaurant owner to use his space any time I wish (which in a sense in waking life he has as I will be hosting a dream group there starting September, though the owner in the dream was not someone I recognise). Later on I found myself at his apartment with a friend eating a dish prepared by someone named Silver Argente. “That’s Silver Silver” I told my dream companion. And just before waking I was aware of reading a long note written by another dreamer, on synchronicity :-). Not a bad way to start off lucky Friday the 13th and I’ll be paying special attention to any silver bread crumbs on the trail today (my last full day at Hollyhock centre, which I have noticed has no locks on most doors… ).

  • Robert Moss

    Savannah – Sounds like the talisman for your key ring may be a silver key, perhaps with the name of that restaurant. Reality check: if you are hosting a dream group there (excellent news) is it possible you’ll be loaned a key to the place, perhaps by someone you don’t know as well as the regular staff?

  • Savannah

    For now one of the staff will be around to open and close the gathering space, but it’s quite possible I could be loaned a literal key at some point or that doors will open beyond what I can see currently… The man in the dream appeared familiar though I cannot place him so he may be someone I will meet in future also. Being short on markers at this moment, I’ve dug up a silver key sprinkled with rose oil reminiscent of the restaurant, in lieu of a label. I rather like the scented charm…

  • Bonnie

    Robert, I just followed a link on one of your posts and am now signed up for “Conscious Dreaming Conscious Living” – how marvelous, such an affordable opportunity for a neophyte such as myself!
    Wanda – do you only work with female vets? I “lost” a son-in-law because of his inability to process what he had done and seen (he was a Ranger, special forces) – he certainly could have profited from working through his nightmares …

  • Robert Moss

    Bonnie – That’s great. I think you’ll enjoy the online course. I’ve done work with male vets, and I think Wanda has too. The Active Dreaming techniques offer so much healing – and soul recovery – for everyone.

  • Robert Moss

    Savannah – the rose-scented silver key seems like a magical talisman, perfect for a magical dream. (Can metal really hold an aroma for long, or will you need to keep a bottle of rose essence near at hand?)

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