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Stay on the line

posted by Robert Moss

lighthouse2 - Savannah 7.10.jpgA thought for any day, inspired by a participant in the Dream Teacher Training that I led over the past week on the Connecticut shore.

Savannah surfaced from a night of elusive dreams with little recall, but with this statement clear in her mind:

Stay on the line. A dream will be calling shortly.

This delighted our whole group when she shared it during our breakfast dream-swapping. We thought about the ways a dream can call outside the hours of sleep – for example, through a sudden flash of intuition or a symbolic pop-up or chance encounter in regular life. The birds were notably actively over the land and sea beyond the windows that morning. The flight patterns of hawk and osprey, crow and seagull, punctuated our session and often gave us the sense that a dream was calling, on feathered wings.

I thought of Savannah’s guidance when I woke early this morning with sketchy dream memories that seemed rather bland and dull. I decided to allow myself some extra time in bed and “stay on the line”.

During my second sleep, I came home to a rambling house that seemed to be a composite of two previous homes, one of them a farm. At the back of this dream house was a lovely dappled wood set two stories below the main living area. At the front was a room-sized screen porch that projected from the house like a pier.

As I walked through this house towards the master bedroom, I felt a thrill of excitement because I sensed that my bear was at home. I called for him, and he came bounding in through a side door – a shaggy black bear, maybe 300 pounds. I petted him like a dog and nuzzled his face. We rolled around and played together on the floor. Then I heard voices at the front door. I hurried towards it, in time to catch a couple of mail carriers who were about to leave because they needed a signature and thought no one was at home.They handed over a large bundle of letters, packages and special delivery envelopes on that jetty-like porch. I was keen to read my mail, but first I had catching up to do with my bear. He had gone out into the woods, and I followed him there, eager for adventure. I’ll have a go at reading my dream mail later on, and I won’t have to go to the Office of Lost and Found Dreams to do that. I’ll just imagine myself stepping back inside my dream house, where my bear is waiting.

Stay on the line. A dream will be calling shortly. That’s good advice for any day.

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Photo of a lighthouse on Long Island Sound by Savannah M. Caitlin.

  • http://www.wandaburch.com Wanda Burch

    I love the feeling of the keeper of a motto/bumper sticker from Savannah’s dreaming; and I love the energy, spontaneity, and delightful promise of your dream house where your bear has come home and where there will be time later to peruse all your new mail. ‘Can’t wait to hear what awaits you when you open it!

  • http://blog.beliefnet.com/dreamgates/ Robert Moss

    Wanda – Yes, the fresh energy of the bear dream is just grand, and reminds that dreaming is about accessing the life force, not simply about content. Nonetheless, it seems there are lots of messages to be opened in this dream, and I’ll try for that later.

  • Savannah

    I LOVE the energy of your bear dream… How curious that when I looked up Winton from the earlier fragment you posted on the online dream forum it led me to Winton, Queensland OZ named after a postmaster born in Winton, Dorset UK, and here’s a special dream mail delivery right to your doorstep. Not so bland after all :-).

  • http://www.highlandpub.com Janine De Tillio

    Nothing like coming home to the energy of the bear. I like the connection of staying on the line for remembering dreams from the night before in addition to calling for a dream. Last night I was barraged by dreams and they surrounded a dream home with a pool and areas to explore. I know that I didn’t catch all of it so I will stay on the line today hoping that I will click into the messages from last night.
    I also keep my journal close at hand so I can write down the snippets and connect them to the rest of my dream later that night.

  • http://blog.beliefnet.com/dreamgates/ Robert Moss

    Savannah – Thanks for your sleuthing with one of those “bland” fragments from earlier in last night’s dreaming that I posted at our Dreamwork forum but not in my blog article here. For those who want to know more about my online courses & forums, the link to the current one is here: http://www.spiritualityhealth.com/spirit/e-course/dreamwork-june-august2010

  • http://blog.beliefnet.com/dreamgates/ Robert Moss

    Janine – I’m always intrigued by a dream house which is not exactly one that we know in ordinary life, especially when it offers a pool and new “areas to explore.” We’ll encourage discussion of our dream houses in future postings on this blog. Stay on this line :-)

  • Rachel

    I have many dreams and forgive me if I do not understand alot, I am new on the blog. Your bear dream, however, does remind me of a dream I had about a Lion. He followed me into a storm shelter with my family. I was terrified. This lion was bright white with a fluffy main and shiney fur. Anyway, he sensed my fear and bit me. As I lay on the ground with my deep wound flowing I prayed that I would not die. I suddenly woke up from this dream and strangely my arm was numb in the same place where the lion had bitten me. I calmed myself and went back to sleep.
    Now I have heard that you can’t continue a dream after you have woken up. However I found I was waking up in the storm shelter with the lion at my side. The lion spoke to me. He said, “I am sorry I bit you but you scared me. I gave some of my blood to you. You and I are now connected. We have shared blood and we are one.”
    On top of that, we traveled through the storm shelter only to find that it was an underground tunnel that let to a city street. But it ended at a larg window. The window was tented and there was no way to get to the street. The lion then told me he was my spirit guide.
    So is your spirit guide a bear?

  • http://blog.beliefnet.com/dreamgates/ Robert Moss

    Rachel – What an interesting dream, quite shamanic in the way the lion approached you and “shared blood” with you. You have already discovered that dreams can continue after waking from one installment. In my Active Dreaming approach, we practice the art of conscious Dream Reentry, and one of the best reasons for doing that is to deepen the connection with an animal helper that introduces itself in a dream. Fierce animals, on first encounter, are likely to behave fiercely! I’ve had a strong personal connection with the lion – and other big cats – since boyhood. The bear became a strong ally after some powerful visionary experiences when I started living in upstate New York in the mid-1980s. Shamanic types tend to develop connections with many animal allies, not just one or two. We’ll be exploring the dream animals frequently on this blog. You may want to read my “Conscious Dreaming” for more relevant stories and practical techniques for dreaming with the animal powers.

  • Grace Osora Erhart

    Well Robert, I do believe your bear had some input this past week at Seascape. It was an enlightening week and I am more aware of all the animal energy around me.
    I recently asked for a dream about health care for myself, and got a nice visit from a deceased dog friend that I really haven’t seen in 25 years! I really hadn’t thought about her, and was very surprised. I got a great feeling about her and it did answer my question. I’m so interested in dream mail however. I think it would be fun to incubate a dream, asking for “my mail”, and see what comes up.

  • http://blog.beliefnet.com/dreamgates/ Robert Moss

    Grace – The presence of a deceased dog that I loved in a dream is usually a marker for me that the dream is to be trusted, and is important. I’ve had quite a bit of success – both in my personal dreaming and in leading groups – with CONSCIOUS dream journeying to a place where we can pick up the dream mail we missed. I posted an article about how to do that on this blog; if you missed it the piece is here – http://blog.beliefnet.com/dreamgates/2010/06/the-office-of-lost-and-found-dreams.html

  • Janice

    Hi, Robert.
    I love the idea of making time for the bear – – the mail can wait a bit, even if it seems to be filled with exciting news. Sometimes we just have to stay on the line and give our dreams the time to come through. What great advice Savannah’s line gives us all.

  • http://blog.beliefnet.com/dreamgates/ Robert Moss

    Janice – Yes, if I have to choose, I’ll always go into the woods with the bear before I sit down to read the mail :-)

  • Rachel

    Robert I gotta tell you, when i use to dreamwalk it was slightly difficault. However I do find the selective dreaming to be even more difficult. I tried to follow the dream animals the other night. First I summoned the lion, but he walked silently into white light. Then I summoned him back along with a panda bear who says he also is my guid. They both walked silently into the light. This is very difficult to understand. Also I tried it with the three of them. The bear, the lion, and a sillouetted bird who, when i dream of it, I am it, They all seemed to be going calmly in the same direction as the first two times I tried. Could you, by chance, make sense of this?

  • http://blog.beliefnet.com/dreamgates/ Robert Moss

    Rachel – If I regarded the lion as my guide, I would follow him where he chooses to lead, rather than trying to put him on a leash to serve my agendas (which won’t work if it is indeed the Lion :-)

  • Rachel

    Could it be that there just wasn’t anything for me to know that night?
    I am totally fascenated by this considering my dreams are very important to me. I have another question. When I meditate, I hear this ringing in my ear. Until I read this blog, I thought it was my ears being super sensitive to electricity. Now I am not so sure. When I focus on this sound, I drift into my dreams and sometimes they are clearer this way. For instance, i heard my grandmother’s voice one time. So I gave her a call to see if she was okay. It turns out she was just trying to find my address. She had something she wanted to send me.

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