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Mary suffers from depression and so did her mom. She now sees signs of depression in her young adult daughter. When it comes to depression, we know that it tends to run in families. If your parents are depressed, your risk […]

Full disclosure–not a Kanye West music fan. His music just isn’t for me. Not judging, just personal taste. But I  give him big points for his recent stance on not giving in to identity politics. It’s refreshing to see a […]

I think we’ve lost our common sense when it comes to helping college students deal with normal anxiety. We keep trying to find ways to help them avoid any negative feelings in college life. Who thinks like this? Apparently a bunch […]

My daughter tells me that I am not mastering the selfie! She is often horrified that I will post unattractive pictures taken with friends or people I meet. Honestly, I snap and post and don’t give it much thought. But […]

I am in a job in which I can sit for hours at a time. I am writing at my computer, answering emails, and working on projects–all from my desk. And when I get into an assignment or project, I […]

Depression affects millions of people. It impacts how you interact with others, sleep, eat and think about the world. But have you ever thought about the language of a depressed person?  A study published in Clinical Psychological Science looked to […]

Maybe you’ve heard a friend or a college student talk about a night of binge drinking. They tell you they started to party and threw down a number of drinks within an hour or two. And this behavior can lead a person […]

When Aldous Huxley wrote the novel Brave New World in 1932, people thought he was describing a totalitarian nightmare. However today, we might align more with the notion of wanting an ideal pleasure drug so as not to experience any unpleasant emotion. […]

Bipolar disorder has been a mental health disorder that has been difficult to understand in terms of its origins and risk factors. But now, a team of researchers who worked with the University of Michigan’s Depression Center believe they have […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for those who have the money for holiday spending. But hey, most of us have to watch our budget so as not to engage in holiday overspending. Here are a few suggestion I found on […]