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Tapping, or what is called, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT not ECT!) is a popular alternative therapy that was developed by Roger Callahan (Pulos, 1999) and based on traditional Chinese medicine. It was first used to deal with anxiety and phobias. The theory is that there […]

Eating dirt is called pica. It’s a mental health condition. But eating  a laundry pod is not called anything but stupid! You heard me, the new thing? Try biting into one of those blue and red  laundry pods for fun! I’m not […]

Ahh…sleep, we all love it but don’t get enough of it. Most of us are walking around sleep deprived. And we think, OK, I need to do better and try to get more sleep. No big deal! Atually our lack […]

Heather doesn’t want to be constantly thinking about a relationship break-up she had, but she can’t seem to get those unwanted thoughts out of her head. She finds herself ruminating….”I should have done this, why did he do that, how […]