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light-bulb-1002783_1920I know someone who is amazingly creative. I admire his ideas and wish I could have more of whatever that is that makes him so creative. Maybe I can! Brain science is confirming that creativity is a skill that can be learned as well as a gift to cherish. There are things we can do to bump up those creative juices and have more original thoughts.

  1. Many of us have heard the myth that creative people use more of the right side of their brain. Truth is, creativity comes from both sides of your brain. The whole brain is used when you are creative because it requires thinking about things in new ways. So do things that require using both sides like writing something backward or using your non-dominant hand
  2. Be a lifelong learner. Someone who is always wanting to know new things stimulates creativity. Question, be curious, feed your mind. Push beyond surface understanding to more depth. Broaden your scope of learning.
  3. Test your depth of learning something by explaining it to someone else or yourself to see if you really understand. A better depth of a subject helps you brainstorm ideas.
  4. When you work hard on a project or an idea, take regular breaks. Your mind needs time to reboot. Pushing through long hours of trying to be creative is not as effective. Taking a break allows you to approach the problem with fresh eyes.
  5. Revert to your imaginations as a child. Cultivate possibilities, daydream, brainstorm –allow your mind to come up with all kinds of ideas. Write them down and see what might make sense to try.

Practice opening yourself up to new ways of doing things, thinking big, entertaining new thoughts, expand your knowledge and depth of knowledge and you just might see your creative juices begin to flow.


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